Aggression & Conflict Management

Your staff will gain the confidence to deal with workplace aggression.

Breakaway, Self Escape & Self Defense

Easy to use techniques that will allow them to escape from potentially difficult situations.

Control & Restraint, With Safe Holding

Learn the last resort options that can be used in extremely dangerous situations.

PMVA / MOVA / PBM Training

Courses for the Prevention & Management of Violence and Aggression in the workplace.

Conflict Management Training, Dealing with Workplace Aggression & Violence

  • Inhouse courses taught to your organisations needs
  • Across healthcare, frontline industries, private security
  • Course material honed & taught with passion
  • We work with over 150 UK organisations
  • Custom courses for high risk individuals available


Why Our Clients Come Back To Us Again & Again

And Our Students Love Us!


Our physical courses are easy to learn using 4 to 5 basic techniques that can be adapted to meet any situation, do not require strength and have been risk assessed.

Cover The Legislation

H&S and Criminal Law can be complex, we empower your staff with the knowledge to know what they can and cant do legally and how legislation is there to protect them and you.

Prices that won't break the bank

Our course prices are very competitive & are inclusive of travel, overnights, handouts, certificates etc. There are no hidden costs.


All our courses give those attending more confidence to deal with violence and aggression in the workplace. Leading to a happier workforce and less absence.

Knowledgeable, Friendly, Trainers

You can be reassured that your staff are being trained by suitably experienced and competent trainers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the training environment.

Accredited, best of class training

The National Federation For Personal Safety has awarded us with the Approved Licenced Centre Award. So you can relax, reassured you are getting the very best for your organisation.

What Our Clients Say...

Lead training educator for Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar

Amazing trainers that have given us so much more confidence and would highly recommend this company. They have spent fifteen days with us training our trainers to a very high standard. Hamad Medical Corporation are extremely grateful for the training you have delivered.

Shona from Homecare 4 U

I cant express how fantastic this training is. Seeing the confidence grow in my staff was amazing. Nick, Lucy and John were amazing. Will be recommending SBRT Ltd UK Limited to all the healthcare professionals We work with. Thank you all

A&E Doctor, Northwick Park Hospital, London

Wanted to let you know that I've crunched some numbers on the training sessions so far: feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with everyone saying that your training would be useful in a clinical environment and all of those who had done previous training reporting that BASIS training is better than what they have previously experienced. Your trainers have been praised as excellent.

Frontline Facing Industry Client

5* training from these guys. All instructors have invaluable experience and a wealth of knowledge that they are more than happy to share. They are able to work with people on all levels, and overall leave you feeling much more confident about dealing with potentially life threatening situations. Cant thank them enough. Cheers guys

Oaklands Care Industry Client

We have been using John and the team at SBRT Ltd to train our trainers in Breakaway and Safe Escapes Techniques for the past 4 years. Its always a fun, informative course and the Team are Brilliant keeping our skills and Knowledge up to date for our Trainers, whilst ensuring we keep are staff trained to the highest standard possible to ensure they are equipped with all the skills necessary to keep them safe whilst working within our sometimes challenging setting.

In Chorus Care Homes

We have been using SBRT Ltd for several years, and are always very impressed with the training that they provide. The trainers are always friendly, polite and engaging, and all our staff enjoy attending the course. A couple of feedback's from our most recent training include "They are very effective teachers, they make sure you understand" and Fantastic experience, please keep it up!"


To match your needs & budget

Qualified & Experienced

  • NFPS Level 3 Diploma in the Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression
  • BTEC Level 3 Restraint Instructors Award
  • NFPS Level 3 PMVA / Physical Restraint / Physical Intervention & Breakaway / Disengagement Instructor Accreditation
  • BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Instructors Award
  • NFPS Approved Self Defence Trainer
  • BTEC Level 3 Handcuff and Soft Cuff Instructors Award
  • NFPS Level 3 Handcuff and Soft Cuff Instructor Accreditation
  • Safe Schools Train the Trainer. Training in systems & processes to provide evidence that will support the RRN, OFSTED & CARE HOMES STANDARDS

The National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS) has awarded SBRT Ltd the following accreditations:

Approved Self Defense Trainer, Conflict Management Trainer, Approved Licenced Centre & Qualified PI Trainer

Just A Few Awards

We Have Just A Few Accolades & Awards...

  • Awarded “Best Personal Safety Training Provider 2021-UK” by Lawyer International’s – Legal 100 - 2021
  • Awarded “Best Practice Operator the United Kingdom” by ACQ5 Country Awards 2020
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