A Busy Time For Training Frontline Staff

It’s been a strange year for us all, but SBRT Ltd has been just busy as ever. We are pleased to see that despite all the uncertainties Covid-19 has brought, training is still at the front of people’s minds – and the evidence from our fully-packed diary speaks for itself.

This month, we will be returning to Ireland for four days’ worth of training. This will be two sets of Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) training over two days for a private hospital. In our last blog, we talked about how health care workers were not only in the front line battle against Covid-19 – but sometimes even a physical front line battle with others too.

PMVA training has become so important during the pandemic, particularly for those working in hospitals. They are the ones most likely to face aggression, abuse and even violence, due to the environment they work in – where emotions can often run high for patients and their families.

As the very nature of PMVA training depends upon physical contact, attendees can rest assured that Basis takes our trainees safety seriously. SBRT Ltd prides itself on the highest standards of safety and has even published Covid-secure methods, including the use of PPE at all times, regular hand washing and Covid testing.

In fact, some of our recent customers have commented on how well training has been carried out in spite of the physical contact. A Training and Development Manager from Nua Healthcare Services said staff attending the training “were very impressed with the safety of the holds and the safety for the service user over all.”

Commenting on SBRT Ltd’s Covid-secure methods, Basis’ Director John Davies said: “We worked very closely within Government guidelines to ensure our training sessions could be carried out as safely as possible. Our Covid-secure methods are designed to put customers at ease – and for us as a training business, we know how important these training programmes are and must go ahead, particularly during Covid-19.”

This importance of PMVA training – and the prevalence of timeliness – SBRT Ltd also prides itself on being able to provide the training as quickly as possible.

The customer who was the Training and Development Manager from Nua Healthcare Services also said: “ thanks once again for facilitating training at such short notice, and I have heard very positive reports from other staff who attended the training.”

A colleague from Nua who was the Head of Nursing echoed this, adding “I was very pleased with how you delivered the training and especially in light of the short notice and minimal notice period.”

We are now nearly fully booked for September and have opened up the diary for October. If you think your organisation could benefit from some training, contact us today to book in as soon as possible.

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