The National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS) has awarded SBRT Ltd the following accreditations:

  • Approved Self Defense Trainer
  • Conflict Management Trainer
  • Approved Licenced Centre
  • Qualified PI Trainer

Personal safety training provider in conflict management, breakaway and restraint techniques.

Leading specialists in delivering personal safety training to all staff who daily face the threat of verbal abuse and physical violence in the work place.

SBRT Ltd is a leading provider delivering personal safety training to front line workers; those that are most at risk of physical or verbal violence.

It is the aim of SBRT Ltd to offer simple, concise skills in order to deal with dangerous situations. The benefit to the staff is that they feel confident in their ability and able to deal with situations that they may previously have caused them to feel afraid.

The SBRT Ltd Difference

All our trainers have extensive skills and experience in dealing with workplace violence

Classroom & Practical Training

We used classroom & hands-on teaching methods to help achieve your outcomes

YOUR Professional Development

We are committed to your continued professional development

Techniques That Work

All techniques have been risk assessed according to a process within the NFPS guidelines

Value Without Compromise

We offer value for money, with no compromise on quality, and expertise.

Situational Restraint

All restrictive physical intervention techniques are adaptable to your workplace

Only When Necessary

Those attending training are constantly reminded that physical skills are a last resort.


NFPS Accredited

Bespoke On Demand

We can be-spoke all training to your requirements.

Our Team

John Davies, Founder & Specialist Consultant

John is the founder of our company, and the reason is it where it is today. John and his wife Sarah set up the company as Basis Training over 30 years ago. He is now the companies Specialist Consultant and he’s knowledge and experience are second to none.

John has been in the military and after leaving joined the NHS working as an OT. He also has over 40 years’ experience in Martial arts and training people in personal safety.

Sarah Davies, Office Manager

Along with John, Sarah is a founding member of the company. Having spent time out training and doing courses with John. Sarah is now our admin specialist now does most of our office and admin work. She probably has the hardest job in the company, because she puts up with John and Jake’s crazy ideas, however she does a fantastic job at keeping them in check and always comes up with great ideas and solutions when we are looking to implement something new.

Jake Attard, Managing Director

Thanks to both John and Sarah, Jake is now the Managing Director of SBRT Ltd. Jake is originally from Malta and loves the sun and heat. Although he is having to spend a bit less time training Jake loves training and has a passion for helping and training people to stay safe.

Charlie Attard, Lead Trainer

Born in Malta at the age of 5 my family moved to the UK. I loved playing football and even played for England school boys.

Charlie says: "I love the response we always get from people on training courses when the realise how easy and simple our training is."

Fun Fact: "My family all call me Shrek and it’s a nickname actually given to me by my own mother."

Scott Johnstone, Lead Trainer

Scott has been involved in training / coaching for over 15 years now. Originally in a sporting capacity but also in previous work roles.

Scott says, "I enjoy this role as everyday is different and every course presents a different challenge."

Eddie Whitford, Lead Trainer

Eddie is our Irish Representative. Eddie has extensive knowledge and experience in conflict management both at home and abroad. Eddie has worked in the Mental Health and Intellectual Disability sectors of healthcare in Ireland. Eddie has spent many years training in several systems of managing violence in the workplace. Having qualified as a PMVA instructor with SBRT in 2020, Eddie has come to the conclusion that, PMVA offers the most practical and legally defendable training in its field.

What People Say...

The training our staff have received has been first class & we now have had our trainers trained by this company & are still continuing a long relationship with them.
Dumfries & Galloway NHS Trust
By far the best training course I have ever attended. The trainers were excellent and very patient with anyone that struggled. The techniques were so easy, but very effective and understanding the law has really helped me
Belfast Social Security

Who takes our courses?

SBRT Ltd was set up for these people, who at some point in their work, will need to respond appropriately and confidently when confronted with aggression.

Whilst many people are tucked away in their day to day jobs; there are those that are considered to work on the “front-line.” This includes roles such as:

  • Residential home workers
  • NHS staff
  • Retail staff
  • Council workers
  • Those working with schools and other educational facilities

It is for these workers who come face to face with patients, residents and the general public on a day to day basis, that SBRT Ltd works with.

Reduce workplace absence

The benefit to the employers is that they will have staff that are less likely to be off sick or injured due to a situation at work and of course the general public, patients and residents will feel safe in the knowledge that the staff will know exactly how to deal with situations if they arise.


Words From Our Managing Director

Accredited & Trusted

"SBRT Ltd is a member of the South West Area Control & Restraint Instructors (S.W.A.C.R.I.) All our Conflict Management trainers delivering training to the NHS have attended the NHS CFSMS Conflict Resolution National Syllabus Familiarisation Seminar & our training meets the 10 objectives as identified by CFSMS relating to the Conflict Management National Syllabus."

Our Trainers

"Our trainers are all highly experienced in the field of managing workplace aggression and violence. The company offers a wide range of courses which can be specifically bespoke to your orgainsation's individual needs anywhere in the UK and now Europe (and the recently Middle East!)."

Nationwide, Trusted, Value

"With our renown value, trusted material, and professional training, delegates will receive carefully planned training. Whatever the level of aggression faced by your staff, we at SBRT Ltd training are confident we can work with your staff, to empower them for their workplace."

"As a nationwide company, SBRT Ltd services are available throughout the UK and now Europe."

Every one of our courses can be tailor made to suit the challenges faced by organisations staff.
Awards & Qualifications
  • NFPS Level 3 Diploma in the Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression
  • BTEC Level 3 Restraint Instructors Award
  • NFPS Level 3 PMVA / Physical Restraint / Physical Intervention & Breakaway / Disengagement Instructor Accreditation
  • BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Instructors Award
  • NFPS Approved Self Defence Trainer
  • BTEC Level 3 Handcuff and Soft Cuff Instructors Award
  • NFPS Level 3 Handcuff and Soft Cuff Instructor Accreditation
  • Safe Schools Train the Trainer. Training in systems & processes to provide evidence that will support the RRN, OFSTED & CARE HOMES STANDARDS
  • “Best Personal Safety Training Provider 2017” by the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2017 hosted by SME 2017
  • “Global Excellence Program as Leaders in Conflict Management 2017 – Wales” by Wealth & Finance Magazine’s Global Business Excellence Awards
  • “Best Workplace Safety Training Solutions 2018” by the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2018 hosted by SME 2018
  • “Global Excellence Program as Leaders in Conflict Management 2018 – Wales” by Wealth & Finance Magazine’s Global Business Excellence Awards
  • “Best Personal Safety Training Provider 2018” by Corporate Vision 2018 UK Excellence Awards
  • “Best Personal Safety Training Provider 2019 – UK” by Lawyer International – Legal 100 – Awards
  • “Best Personal Safety Training Company 2019– UK ” by AI Business Excellence Awards
  • “Most Outstanding Conflict Management Training Solutions 2019” by Wealth & Finance Magazine’s Global Business Excellence Awards
  • “Best Personal Safety Training Company 2019 – UK ” by Corporate America Today
  • “Best Personal Safety Training Provider 2019 – UK” by M&A Today Global Awards
  • “Best Personal Safety Training Provider 2019 – UK” by KMH media group Global 100 -2019
  • “Personal Safety Training Consultancy of the year– UK” by ACQ5 Global Awards 2019
  • “Workplace Safety Training Consultancy of the year – UK” by ACQ5 Global Awards 2019
  • “UK - Gamechanger of the year, John Davies” by ACQ5 Global Awards 2019
  • “Leading Experts in Workplace Safety Training 2019” by the Welsh enterprise Awards 2019 hosted by SME News
  • “Best Safety Training Provider 2019 - UK” by the Global 100 – 2019 Edition
  • “Best Personal Safety Training Provider 2020 – UK” by the Lawyer International’s – Legal 100 – 2020 – Awards
  • “Best practice operator the United Kingdom” by ACQ5 Country Awards 2020
  • “Best Personal Safety Trainer 2020 UK” by M & A today Global Awards
  • “Best Workplace Conflict Management Training Specialists 2020” by SME-News

Single Person PMVA Courses NOW AVAILABLE

We’ve been asked to run PMVA courses where anyone can sign up (not just company /group bookings).

Well, now you can.

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