Aggression Management Training For The Modern Workforce

Every employer has a legal duty to protect their staff from violence and aggression. While most places of work seem safe, many of us know how quickly a calm situation can escalate into an aggressive issue. In fact, in 2015/16, there were around 698,000 incidents of violence in the workplace in England and Wales alone.

For frontline workers, conflict, violence and aggression can be challenging and unpleasant for both staff and customers. For many workers, aggression management training is an essential step to build confidence to handle the situation.

With employers focusing on the welfare of their staff, aggression management training is ideal. Conflict can happen in any workplace. With the right level of training, workers will be able to deal with situations that are aggressive or volatile while remaining non-aggressive and importantly, complying with the law.

The benefits of aggression management training

1. Covers a range of scenarios

For every workplace, there is a range of aggressive and violent situations that can occur. It is essential for frontline workers to have the skills and knowledge available to handle all of the scenarios they may encounter. With aggression management training, workers have an accessible toolkit of techniques to adapt to every situation.

2. Builds confidence

With the appropriate training, employees learn how to diffuse potentially violent situations. The ability to handle confrontation in an ideal manner can be an incredible confidence boost. This can help them to perform better at work. It may also improve their social confidence outside of work too.

3. Understanding psychology

Aggression management training does not just teach you how to diffuse aggressive situations and conflict; it also gives you an understanding of aggressive behaviour. Training in aggression management explains the use of body language in confrontational situations. With this, workers can conduct a dynamic risk assessment of the situation based on body language and know the techniques to respond with to diffuse the situation in a non-aggressive manner.

Handle volatile situations with our aggression management course

At SBRT Ltd, we provide a Conflict and Aggression Management course to help you and your staff handle instances of aggression and conflict.

“With the number of workplace threats and assaults increasing, it Is now more important that employers take the necessary measures to protect their staff from physical assault and acts of violence. Our aggression management training is an ideal course for front-line workers to understand how situations can be diffused with a hands-off approach.”
– John Davies, MD of SBRT Ltd

If you would like to provide your staff with a comprehensive approach to conflict and aggression, then our classroom-based training is simple and effective with useful tools that they can apply in the workplace while making sure they comply with the law. Find out more by calling 01446 740 411.

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