Assaults on emergency staff is rising – it’s time to protect your workforce

We know the nation is digging deep right now. Months of being cut off from friends and family, daily routines decimated and cancelled Christmases has unfortunately manifested itself in frayed tempers – and you don’t have to look far to see evidence of that.

Our blog is often full of stories from our clients in the medical sector, who are facing increasing threats of violence.

In fact, as soon as we re-opened our doors after the pandemic, we noticed these reports coming through more and more. Families of patients suffering with Covid in hospital, or in care homes that were left without regular contact, caused emotions to run high – and ultimately that gets taken out on the medical staff that are doing all they can to help us all.

It seems as though our experience is not a one off. According to recent statistics from the Crown Prosecution Service, 1,688 people were charged with assaulting an emergency worker for a reason that was linked to Covid-19 in the six months to 30 September 2020. Cases include being coughed on or spat at, as well as emergency workers being kicked, punched, threatened and verbally abused.

You can read about this in this article here.

Whilst this is extremely shocking, the sad fact is that it’s likely these numbers are potentially much higher, as many offenders have not been charged for their assault, plus, some of those emergency workers may have chosen not to press charges. 

It’s true that more needs to be done to support those out there on the front line and no one should be scared to go to work and do their job.

As well as better systems to enable those workers to report incidents and feel safe in the knowledge that justice is being done, there are other things that can be done to help.

John Davies, Director of SBRT Ltd, said: “Since the pandemic began, we have found out our services for the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) course had been in high demand. Concerned managers were keen to ensure their teams were trained in dealing effectively in these situations.

“It’s become more important than ever, particularly for those in the healthcare sector, to learn how to protect themselves from any violence or aggression they face at work. 

Not only is SBRT Ltd practicing Covid-secure methods, we have also introduced lateral flow testing of our trainers using a Covid-19 test kit before a training event occurs.

Find out more about PMVA courses here or contact us to make a booking.

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