SBRT Ltd: Caring for the carers

If there was ever an industry thrown into the spotlight as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was the care sector. Staff who treated elderly and vulnerable loved ones were left with very little protection – made worse by the fact that they were often the only people allowed to spend time with these individuals as families were told to stay away. The problem is, as loved ones grew apart emotions ran high, presenting even more of a struggle for a sector that was already buckling.

Unfortunately, front line workers were at increased risk of violence and aggression as stay-at-homers became frustrated and fed up with the separation anxiety, grieving for the lives and the freedom they once had to visit family and friends at their own free will. We have written many blogs about how frontline staff are facing more cases of violence and aggression towards them, which has been keeping us busy here at SBRT Ltd.

Aggressive behaviour and violence were certainly two major concerns for a care home in Ireland when they approached SBRT Ltd in recent months. Staff members at NUA Healthcare were increasingly reporting incidents of violence and aggression, not only from patients’ families, but also the patients themselves as many were suffering from conditions that would leave them confused. The only familiar faces they knew had to watch from the window and patients not understanding why they couldn’t receive visitors.

It seems they were not alone. In recent news, care home managers were fearful as to the impact a second wave of Covid-19 cases is already having on patients and families. That is where SBRT Ltd can help.

John Davies Director at SBRT Ltd, said: “Training is of paramount importance to combat this increased risk to staff. Not only does it help to keep everyone safe, it can also improve the mental wellbeing of staff who are faced with such threats, as it equips them with the know-how to protect themselves.”

SBRT Ltd run a series of Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression courses and has worked with a number of care facilities and health workers. We are also pleased to say that all training is carried out along the strictest Covid-secure guidelines to help keep everyone safe.

If you would like to know more about the training courses available, click here or contact us to book a session.

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