SBRT Ltd Wins UK Excellence Award

SBRT Ltd is delighted to be recognised by the UK Excellence Awards as the Best Personal Safety Training Provider 2018. While SBRT Ltd has long been known as a leading provider of personal safety training, the UK Excellence Award cements the position of SBRT Ltd as a top provider. 

“It is a fantastic recognition from the UK Excellence Awards that shows and celebrates the hard work, expertise and knowledge that all of the SBRT Ltd team deliver on a daily basis. Personal safety training is a priority for us, and we want to help as many frontline workers as we can so they are able to do their jobs safely and handle situations with confidence.” – John Davies, MD of SBRT Ltd.

Why are SBRT Ltd the Best Personal Safety Training Provider?

SBRT Ltd offers their training with a simple aim: to provide frontline workers with the simple and concise skills that they need to deal with dangerous situations.

By choosing SBRT Ltd as their training provider, employers have the confidence and reassurance that their team will receive professional training from experienced experts using trusted training material.

As a result of training with SBRT Ltd, employers report less absenteeism with fewer reports of staff injuries or sickness due to incidents at work. Furthermore, for businesses that undertake the training, the public has peace of mind that the staff know how to handle situations if they arise.

Consequently, workers can feel confident and empowered in the workplace, knowing that they have the knowledge, skills and techniques at their disposal that can keep themselves, and others, safe in the workplace.

Training with the Best Personal Safety Training Provider

SBRT Ltd stands out in their industry because of their tailored and personalised service. Training is offered per organisation, so that frontline workers learn the information that is specific to their job and industry. With small training classes, workers can benefit from the maximum time with the trainers for the most effective and engaging learning.

Furthermore, the trainers from SBRT Ltd will come to your business. This means there is no hassle in transport and training arrangements. All workers can remain on site and training is conducted in a place convenient for your business.

If you’d like to see for yourself why SBRT Ltd is the Best Personal Safety Training Provider, then call your free consultation to discuss your training needs on 01446 740 411.

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