Breakaway and Restraint Training, The Hard Work Continues

It comes as no surprise to the SBRT Ltd team that demand for breakaway and restraint training is increasing amongst organisations throughout the UK. As a leading provider of specialised courses for healthcare and other sectors, Basis is continually adapting it’s courses, rolling out a specialist delivery team and making 2017 a year where the best possible training for your organisations is our priority.

John Davies Director at Basis commented:

“People are becoming more aware of the potential dangers in the workplace as organisations open up and share incident reporting. This means that with the figures out there, organisations can now see in black and white the need to prevent and protect against assault and have real world, more than best practice methods in place”.

John continues:

“There is a shift to place health and safety with staff and service user protection at a higher level within a company’s ethos than in previous generations. This typically means that organisations want guidelines, increased staff training, and report and review procedures in place. Giving organisations the tools to deal safely and breakaway out of potentially aggressive situations, is just one of the components that we can aide with.”

It is not just the healthcare industry, SBRT Ltd has a diverse range of organisations that we help. This includes organisations such as:

  • Nursing Agencies
  • Boxing clubs
  • Schools & School Teachers
  • Private Ambulance Service Providers

Nick Attard, Head of Training talks of the diversity:

“With each client there is a new challenge of helping fit the most appropriate training package to that organisation. Even if we’ve delivered training to a similar organisation, and in most cases we have, we will still build that refined package that embraces the challenges and staffing situations of that organisation.”

To find our more about our breakaway training courses, visit our service page here.

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