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Despite staff’s best efforts to diffuse a situation; there are occasions whereby physical assault occurs.

This particular course has been designed to give the trainees simple, easy to use techniques that will allow them to escape from potentially difficult situations; all without relying on their physical strength.

Course Topics

A variety of different possible holds and grabs are covered within this course including:

  • Wrist, body, hair and clothing grabs

  • Strangulations

  • Punches, head-butts, kicks and groin attacks

  • Assaults whilst on the floor


Not only is physical training delivered, but this course also offers trainees a background on the law that relates to breakaway techniques, intervention techniques for fights and defensive body positioning.


This hands on course is suggested for attending after the Conflict Management training and is delivered within 1 day. Active participation is required for this particular course.

Available as a 1 Day Course

Ability to Break Free from
Aggressive Situations


Looking for more detail, why not download a sample course itinerary? This will give you a full rundown of the typical activities within this course.

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