Breakaway Self defense course in Staffordshire brings training with a view

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We were lucky enough to be in the beautiful county of Staffordshire recently, where we were running Breakaway Self-Defense classes for a housing association.

It seemed right that in such a tranquil part of the country, where we were able to see the lovely canals of Staffordshire and Worcestershire, we were also able to bring some of our own de-escalation, breakaway and calming methods, in the form of training to those who may face aggression.

Staff from the housing association may find themselves having to diffuse situations where emotions run high and attended our course to learn about some of the techniques that allow them to escape from potentially dangerous situations. Whilst our course is “hands on”, training doesn’t rely on physical strength.

For example, we cover some simple but effective holds and grabs, such as by the wrists, which can prevent an attack. We show course attendees how to get themselves away from an assault while on the floor, strangulations, as well as how to counter other forms of physical aggression such as punches, headbutts and kicks.

But, we also offer trainees some of the background on the law that relates to breakaway techniques and defensive body positioning.

Staff from the housing association said they really liked the teaching methods, as the training was applied to some of their own experiences at work, which mean they were able to feel more confident that they could apply the training to real-life situations.They also liked the simplicity of the techniques – which is the aim of the game here at SBRT. Anything taught must be able to be carried out by anyone, regardless of physical ability, and easy to remember

.SBRT Director, Jake Attard, said: “This was a great session – even better that we got to enjoy some of the lovely English countryside too.”

“Not only do the surroundings make the training much better, but receptive participants also make it all the more engaging, which really helps with the delivery.“

While some of the training is physically hands-on, trainees can relax in the knowledge that we have Covid-safe measures.

In fact, all our courses here at SBRT follow strict guidelines, including frequent hand washing, temperature checks and the use of facemasks.

All SBRT staff are also required to carry out a regular lateral flow tests to ensure they are safe to carry out the training, plus, we offer gloves to participants for those who feel safer using them.

The Breakaway Self Defense course is delivered within one day and is recommended to be taken after the Conflict Management training.To find out more about Breakaway Self Defense, to download the course itinerary and to book your place, click here.

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