A Round-Up Of Our Carer And Nurses Courses

Improving the skill set of your organisation not only helps the team to become more efficient and proactive but it also helps to increase productivity, knowledge and retention among your care staff and nurses. At SBRT Ltd, we offer a range of introductory courses to help teach your team the medical basics. Courses we offer include;

Basic Observations

Our Basic Observations training helps to improve knowledge and bridges the gap between clinical observations and what the clients claim their problem is. With Basic Observations, we aim to help improve competency and efficiency when making, recording and interpreting clinical observations.

This course provides an analysis and a question and answers session, in a succinct 90 minutes training package.

Management of Medicines

Administering and controlling medicines can lead to additional pressure on your care staff and nurses. With the Management of Medicines course, we help to improve learner knowledge surrounding the issues they may face when managing medication. With our course, candidates receive a greater understanding of the legal issues and the medical calculations as well as knowing how to administer medication and assist your clients.

This course lasts for four hours and uses practical demonstrations and specific examples.

An Introduction to Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus affects many people and knowing how to care for clients with the symptoms is essential in the care industry. With this course, learners will gain knowledge on the different types of diabetes and the insulin production methods in the body. Carers and nurse will also learn how to recognise symptoms for hypo-and hyperglycaemia and how to administer medication safely. As well as this, learners will have confidence in monitoring, recording and interpreting client’s blood sugar results.

An Introduction to Diabetes Mellitus course is available as a three-hour course with videos, participation and a discussion forum.

Epilepsy Awareness

Our Epilepsy Awareness course is designed to help nurses and carers to have a better understanding of epilepsy, with the objective of increasing knowledge and competency of treating clients with epilepsy. The course creates an overview for epilepsy, from the different types of seizures to diagnosis and treatment. Finally, the course will cover the administration of medicines.

Our Epilepsy Awareness course lasts for three hours and features practical demonstrations and active student participation.

If you have any questions about the suitability of our courses, or on customising them to your organisations needs, contact us

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