Charlie and Scott Progress With Accredited Training

Here at SBRT, we are extremely proud to announce two of our team working hard towards their instructors’ qualifications.

Charlie Attard and Scott Johnson are both taking on the BTEC level 3 Instructors Accreditation award, with training alongside the NFPS organisation.

Last year, SBRT joined forces with the NFPS – a membership organisation that specialises in keeping themselves and others safe, particularly in job roles where physical restraint is used. Being two organisations with a similar ethos, the partnership made perfect sense and we’ve already seen the added value and advantages it’s given to our customers. So, it’s great to see our new trainees coming through who are also getting the benefit of that partnership.

Charlie Attard has completed his BTEC level 3 & Scott Johnston is currently working is through his. The course focuses on the laws that govern the guidelines surrounding self-defense, plus, how trainers can offer practical advice and guidance to attendees looking to keep themselves safe, particularly in their line of work.

Jake Attard, Director of SBT said: “It can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to restraint and it is important self-defense is taught in the correct way that can both protect and defend safely when needed. This doesn’t always have to be through physical restraint, it can also be about diffusing a situation before it escalates. Where there is restraint training, everything we do is risk assessed and stress-tested to make sure it is fit for purpose – and we are glad that Scott and Charlie are also learning the ropes in this respect.”

Scott Johnson is pleased to be gaining a recognised qualification, saying: “It’s been a great learning process for me and I’ve been happy to be able to go through this. Not only have I gained a recognised qualification, but I’ve also achieved something that that will enable us to deliver restraint training, and teach techniques in a safe way.”

If you are interested in knowing more about the courses we have on offer, click here.

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