Wimbledon Special, How Our Courses Can Help Your Staff Prepared (For The Next Round)

At the time of writing this Murray and Konta are progressing to the quarter finals of Wimbledon. We thought we’d take 5 minutes for a (lighthearted) reflection on our courses versus the world of tennis.

Conflict & Aggression Management Course

On the tennis court, controlled aggression is feted as the most desirable way to win a game. In the work-lives of those that we train, often aggression can come out of the blue, totally unexpected. We help workers deal with these volatile situations giving them the techniques to deal with aggressive or volatile situations without the need for physical measures.

Breakaway Self Defense Course

In Wimbledon when it comes breaking an opponents server, the psychological impact of a loss of service is hard to overcome. We teach trainees simple, easy to use techniques that will allow them to escape from potentially difficult situations; all without relying on their physical strength. This gives the attendees confidence, that tennis could well do with.

Control & Restraint Course

John McEnroe has some famous outbursts on court and although he was never physically restrained, the umpire would have benefited from knowing these techniques. The techniques taught within our sessions are fully hands on, up close and personal approaches that include low, medium and high levels of control and restraint. So the appropriate level can be used in workplace situations.

Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression (PMVA / MOVA) Course

Getting ranked in tennis, means that players need to play consistently across the season. They need a whole bunch of skills to retain and progress their rankings. Our most popular courses are the PMVA / MOVA courses, which combine techniques from aggression deescalation, and control and restraint in one package. Enabling your staff to progress and establish themselves as effective and safe workers.

Weapons Disarming Course

A fast serve in tennis is the ultimate weapon. Returning an accurate high powered serve is indeed a skill. Watch here as Murray returns a 147mph serve.  Our  intense and high level weapons disarming course covers how to deal with an attach from a variety of weapons. This is only presented to those who have a real business or personal need, unlike those on centre court, who will face that super fast serve challenge today.

Train the Trainers Course

In tennis the coach can make the player. Murray has had input from Ivan Lendl & Jamie Delgado, a dream team, pushing the player and training him in a way that works best for him. Your trainers in your organisation, know the unique situational challenges that your staff face. And our train-the-trainer courses acknowledge this and in-turn empower them with the most up to date and modern techniques that are available and legislation that relates to conflict management.

Carer, Medical & Nursing Courses

Tennis players can be prone to repetitive or excessive strain injuries, that in turn can strain their careers: Murrays knee issue, Konta’s spine injury.  We offer a series of courses aimed at healthcare workers: Observation Basics, Management Of Medicines, Diabetes Awareness, Epilepsy Awareness. So that your staff can interact with the people that they care for or work with, with medical level awareness.

So there you are, we’ve wrapped up our courses, with Wimbledon in mind. We hope that you enjoy your sporting summer and if you want to enquire about any of our courses, please contact us today.

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