Covering The Country In Training!

September is always a busy month for the team at SBRT Ltd. After a summer break, many businesses want to refresh their staff with new knowledge and refresher courses as well as make sure they get training underway before the busy (and stressful) month of December.

This month has been no different as SBRT Ltd are literally covering the length and breadth of the country in order to deliver the fantastic high-quality and effective training we are known for. 

“It’s been busy madness for everyone at SBRT Ltd. In order to meet all needs, we have two training teams covering different areas. It has taken careful planning to ensure we can meet all training needs while avoiding getting stuck in the busy ‘back to school and work’ traffic! However, it is our ability to be organised, efficient and to deliver training on-site which is why we are chosen for training time and time again.”

John Davies, Director of SBRT Ltd.

Two Busy SBRT Ltd Teams

To cover every course and business, we have our established tried and tested two training teams delivering throughout the UK.

Team One!

John and Charlie are currently leading team one who has a training route taking them from; Shrewsbury to Cardiff then on to Bournemouth to Haverfordwest then finishing in Birmingham.

Team one are primarily looking after Breakaway Self Defence and Control & Restraint courses. The Breakaway Self Defence is a one-day course designed to help delegates to escape from difficult situations safely. Control & Restraint is a one or two day course. This offers the last resort techniques when you need to control and restrict someone’s movements.

Both of these courses are ideal for NHS workers and mental health workers as well as those who work in security roles.

Team Two!

Team two are headed up by Nick and Jak. Their training map of the country follows a route of London to Manchester and then back to London again. After London, they travel to Birmingham and then Wales.

Team two are focussing on all the other training requirements. Their training has included the increasingly popular Train the Trainers course which gives team members the chance to become qualified trainers and to teach others in their organisation.

Coming To You Next?

Wherever you are, in the UK and beyond, we are happy to travel to your business to deliver our high-quality, effective training courses. Whatever your training requirements, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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