Covid defence comes first as training is back in full swing

Last month, we finally re-opened our doors after the Government eased lockdown restrictions. Whilst it was a relief to be back, it was a lot to get used to. We’re all about personal safety; human contact is part of what we do and our “new normal” with social distancing was a daunting prospect.

SBRT Ltd introduced new  “Covid Secure” measures for our new working environment, enabling us to continue offering the service level our clients have come to expect. When we first published these measures we felt a little apprehensive. Would training as we knew it ever be the same again? Would companies still be willing to invest in training and would their staff be open to coming back to the world of face to face contact with strangers?

It turns out, we need not have worried at all! Since we’ve re-started our training programmes on 6th July, we’re almost fully booked. 

John Davies, Managing Director at SBRT Ltd said: “Interestingly, we’ve seen a particularly high demand for our Train the Trainer courses  as we’ve found others adjusting to work once again after long stretches on furlough, or simply for refresher training.

“We’ve also seen a number of our frontline workers take on our Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) course as they, sadly, experience a larger amount of aggression in their day to day working lives.”

Other courses available include self defence, private personal safety training and conflict and aggression management. Trainers are travelling this month throughout the UK from Cornwall and London to Wales, Birmingham and the north. 

John continued: “All of our programmes are carried out with the strictest hygiene in place, as our trainers wear visors at all times. We also request hand washing with the additional frequent use of hand sanitiser – plus we ask all attendees to wear a face covering for the comfort and safety of all. Our attendees have so far said this has had no impact on the quality of training and accept that this is all part of the new world we live in.”

There are a few dates remaining in August and September, so if you’ve been considering any training for your organisation, now’s the time to book.

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