Demand For Train-The-Trainer PMVA Course Increases!

For industries where the workforce is continuously fluctuating and regularly recruiting new people to the team, organising external training that suits everyone’s schedule can be challenging. Furthermore, it can be even harder to manage when teams have complex shift patterns. One of the best ways to overcome this training difficulty is to offer internal training. Organisations can help with this by utilising bespoke Train-the-Trainer courses.

What is Train the Trainer?

At SBRT Ltd we offer a Train-the-Trainer course combined with the skills of the Prevention and Management of Violence. The course teaches students how to understand and deal with conflict management. Furthermore, students receive training on how to conduct training themselves. By passing our Train-the-Trainer course, the trainees will then be registered with the Institute of Conflict Management.

With this sought-after skill, organisations then have a team of registered trainers in-house. These in-house trainers are ready for the ongoing training needs of the business. This can help with inductions as well as staff refresher training to boost skills and provide valuable practical reminders.

Why is demand for Train the Trainer increasing?

At SBRT Ltd, we have seen demand increase for our invaluable five-day Train-the-Trainer course. We notice that many larger organisations, particularly in the healthcare sector, want training for all of their staff to be more accessible. Having in-house trainers is ideal for this.

With a team of accredited in-house trainers, organisations can manage training for their team with ease. They can also ensure there is always a convenient time and place for training. Furthermore, having in-house training with personal experience of the organisation can help to make the training bespoke. With real-life examples in the organisation, it is easy to make the training much more relatable and beneficial to all the trainees.

“At SBRT Ltd, we are finding that Train-the-Trainer courses are growing in popularity. The fact that this training not only helps people in situations of conflict management but also provides a professional accreditation makes the course ideal for workplace situations and offers professional development which staff members crave” – John Davies, Managing Director of SBRT Ltd.

Having a team of trainers in your organisation can help your business to reduce training costs and stressful administration. By training your trainers, you will want to make sure that they receive the training that is most helpful in their workplace and for your organisation. At SBRT Ltd, we make sure to fully understand your business requirements, so that we can create a bespoke course for your needs.

We will teach the latest techniques and legislation surrounding conflict management. We will then equip the trainees with the knowledge, tools and our personal experience so that they can become confident, knowledgeable trainers. With training skills, your team members can help to make sure training is relevant, relatable and engaging for everyone in your organisation.

If you think this course is ideal for your organisation, get in touch via the usual channels.

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