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SBRT Ltd’s Busy Summer Round-Up!

While the nation has been divided between running to the beaches and desperately seeking shade, our SBRT Ltd trainers have been zipping up and down the country delivering training to a whole host of clients. No time to cool off or sunbathe for us as we’ve been to London, Cornwall, Inverness, Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, Rotherham, Newcastle, Chester and Scarborough. From North to South, East to West, we have been covering the country to deliver our renowned bespoke training. But that’s not all, here’s what else we’ve been up to this summer…

We’re on the edFirst Schools Suppliers List

While we are well known for working with many nursing, care and medical facilities, we also help lots of schools and teaching facilities too. Now, we have this recognition by being on the edFirst School Suppliers List. We equip teachers with the skills they need to diffuse conflict and well as prevent and manage violence and aggression. We also offer safe holding restraint courses to teachers too.

While we hope school staff will never need to apply these schools, they are essential to have as issues can escalate incredibly quickly.

“We believe that being on the edFirst list of school suppliers, we will be able to better communicate our bespoke training abilities to schools and other educational facilities. We want to be the go-to trainer for schools, and now we are trusted and recommended school suppliers, we hope to work with teachers across the country.” – Nick Attard, Director of Basis training.

Our care industry training package is proving popular

As the care industry is one of the primary sectors that we work with, SBRT Ltd has created a bespoke training package to suit all carers and industry workers. The training package covers aspects such as safe escape as well as holding and restraint to meed the needs of the clients that carers work for.

“With the care industry growing so dramatically, we want to help as many carers as possible to have the support and skills they need so they can work safely and confidently. Our package will still be bespoke to each organisation but will cover all of the essentials that carers need” – Nick Attard, Director of SBRT Ltd.

So if you’re a school, care or any other organisation, looking to equip your staff with training, get in touch today, and we’d love to meet you and discuss your training needs.

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