Focused Training For Quality Results – Five Reasons To Choose SBRT Ltd

At SBRT Ltd, we pride ourselves on the quality of training we deliver. We have been leading the way with bespoke training that focuses on personal safety, conflict management, breakaway and restraint techniques. It is our goal to ensure staff feel confident to deal with situations that can be stressful, scary or threatening.

While we know a few other training providers are offering a similar service, here are the reasons why we believe clients should choose SBRT Ltd for their training needs.

Top Five Reasons To Choose SBRT Ltd

  1. We come to you

We know how difficult it can be for organisations to plan and book travel arrangements for training that is only is only available in certain towns or cities. We scrap all of that hassle by coming to you. Our team can conduct training at your workplace or a nearby training venue. This not only reduces the stress of planning and organising, but it also cuts costs too as you don’t need to pay your staff for travel and accommodation expenses.

  1. Focused training

Another way that we differ from competitors is that fact that your team will receive the full focus with our training. We do not mix organisations up. Instead, we focus on one organisation and tailor the training to suit your specific needs. This way you get personalised training that meets your requirements.

  1. Full support

We make sure every team member receives the support they need for the training. Typically, we recommended training groups with 6 to 16 attendees. SBRT Ltd also provides two trainers per course, so that your staff are fully supported throughout the training. One of our trainers will always be on hand to answer any burning questions.

  1. Customised course content

As we only train one organisation at a time, this means we can customise the course content to suit your needs. If there is a prevalent issue you want addressing or perhaps a specific area of concern for your team, then we can solve it in our training. Simply tell us what help you need, and we will incorporate specific training within the programme.

  1. Tailored and comprehensive

We know that organisations will vary the level of physical contact they expect from their team member. We can help to equip your frontline workers with the different levels of restraint with techniques for low, medium and high restraint.

Furthermore, you can trust SBRT Ltd only to provide restraint techniques that are proven, approved for safe handling and will reduce the postural asphyxiation for both the staff and the client/patient/service user.

Training to suit you

From restraint to safe escape, conflict management to situational assessment, our comprehensive training can cover all of the aspects your frontline workers need to feel confident in the workplace. Make sure your staff are ready for anything by booking your personal safety training today. Call 01446 740 411 for more details.

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