Summer! And Frontline Prevention and Management of Violence

After the Bank Holiday weekend, we finally got a glimpse of summer. The weather is getting better and the bitterly cold, snow and rain-drenched memories of earlier in the year are beginning to fade away. Summer creates instant feel-good vibes, where it seems everyone is full of the joys of life, but it can take a turn for the worst if people are not prepared.

The Bank Holiday weekends and warm summer evenings are perfect for visiting your local pub garden or perhaps having an impromptu party in the park. While everyone starts in happy spirits, the enthusiasm and the increased alcohol consumption can quickly descend into a dangerous and challenging situation. Just like training staff in the run-up to Christmas, it is often worthwhile protecting frontline team members with prevention and management of violence training in the run-up to summer too.

There’s nothing better than a refreshing drink in your local pub or café garden on a fine summer’s evening, but for some frontline staff, the party spirits of summer can make their jobs extremely difficult. Alcohol can quickly change a situation from fun to fearful. Staff need to be able to handle these situations to protect themselves and those around them.” – John Davies, Managing Director of SBRT Ltd.

Protecting frontline staff in summer

From festivals, sporting events, such as the upcoming World Cup and summer getaways, there is typically an increase in alcohol usage which can lead to demanding customers and unpredictable behaviours. We initially created our Prevention and Management of Violence course for those in the care industry, but quickly realised that frontline service staff in every sector could benefit from our training.

As well as pubs and clubs, festival workers, hotel staff and those who offer summer activities and events could all benefit from our Prevention and Management of Violence training course. We believe everyone has a right to enjoy their summer without unpleasant situations as a result of an angry or aggressive customer.

Our Prevention and Management of Violence course is ideal for building confidence in the frontline staff and equipping them with the tools they need to handle a range of stressful and unpredictable situations. This means that instead of situations escalating out of control, staff can deal with challenging behaviours with minimal worry. This can create a happier work environment and make sure that disruption to other customers is minimal.

Protect your frontline staff in time for summer

Give your frontline team the confidence and protection they need for frontline summer work by booking Prevention and Management of Violence training, send an email to to arrange your course.

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