Training and protection for frontline and care workers *even in Covid times

It’s a sad fact that during these unprecedented times, front line workers are increasingly likely to face aggression, abuse and even violence. In fact, those working in hospitals are most at risk, as emotions run high from both patients and their families – and that is one of the reasons why more and more people in the care and nursing sector are seeking us out.

Basis recently ran a Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) training course in Southern Ireland for a private hospital.

Throughout healthcare organisations in the UK & Ireland, frontline staff increasingly report incidents of violence and aggression from patients. Not only can this be intimidating for the staff, but it can also affect their mental health, their ability to do their jobs and it can even affect their home and family lives.

That is when we were approached by management at Nua Healthcare. As an employer that provides frontline staff with industry excelling personal safety in the workplace training, proactive, Nua works to protect it’s staff’s well being and provide a safe working environment.

However, as all diligent healthcare professionals would be, they were also worried about whether or not the time was “right” for training, particularly in ways of dealing with people who may require physical restraining. Social distancing and close contact were things concerning the teams, but they quickly learned that the training could still be carried out responsibly.

The Training & Development Manager at Nua Healthcare said: “My sincere thanks once again for facilitating training. I have heard very positive reports from other staff who attended the training. They were very impressed with the safety of the holds and the safety for the service user over all.”

John Davies, Director at SBRT Ltd said: “Our trainers were really pleased with how quickly the attendees adopted and embraced the training and were perfectly comfortable adhering to our strict hygiene systems. Because of this, feedback seemed to focus on how the training was able to be efficiently completed without hampering – our thanks goes to Nua Healthcare for enabling this to happen.”

Basis PMVA training aims to improve safety, enhance confidence, as well as reduce the number of workplace aggression related injuries. Attendees will learn skills such as how to diffuse a situation and safely break away from an aggressive situation. They will also learn basic self-defence and use restraints where necessary, as well as understand the laws of defence.

PMVA training can also help managers fulfil their obligations to staff who are facing these problems on a daily basis. There are still a number of spaces available throughout September so it’s best to book in as soon as possible. 

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