Great feedback received following customer survey

As the pandemic continues its grip and the country, and everyone feeling the doom and gloom, we wanted to share something a little more positive. 

We surveyed some of our customers who recently took on Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) courses. Not only did we exceed expectations, but we also had a full house, with 100% of our customers responding to our survey – all of which was extremely complimentary.

Seeing as we are living in strange times, we thought we would ask a cross section of our customers about their expectations of training at the moment as well as any feedback on the delivery of the course itself . This is particularly important for PMVA training, as this is self-defence based and can include some contact with others.

We were also keen to hear how attitudes had changed towards training in general. Had people pushed it down the list of priorities as people worked more remotely? Were they planning to avoid it altogether as they were reluctant to mix with others?

As it turns out, we needn’t have worried.

In fact, it appears that PMVA training is more important than ever – particularly in sectors such as healthcare and other sectors, where staff are unfortunately faced with violence and aggression on an almost-daily basis.

We also found that several customers were taking on some of our “train the trainer” courses, after long months on furlough or as part of a slight change in their roles due to the impact of Covid-19.

One of our customers, Training & Development Manager Brian Byrne from Nua Healthcare in Ireland, said:

“We invited Basis training to Ireland to deliver a number of courses for us over the last couple of months. More recently we completed a Train the Trainer course. We have had a very good experience with John and Jake who delivered the training. They are extremely professional and present the course in a very easy to understand way. I cannot recommend SBRT Ltd enough.”

Here is a summary of our findings from our survey – and this came from 100% of all candidates: 

  • How were your expectations about the course – exceeded
  • How does the course compare to other courses that they have attended – Far superior
  • Would you recommend this course to others – definitely
  • How did you rate the instructor’s knowledge 10/10
  • Were all questions answered to your satisfaction 10/10
  • Was the course well-structured 10/10
  • Has the course improved your professional knowledge and competence 10/10
  • Was the training delivered in a way to enable you to learn successfully 10/10

John Davies, Director at SBRT Ltd said: “We were aware of some of the barriers that people may have had upon returning to training, but we pacified some of these concerns by proactively implementing our Covid-Secure Methods. These are a series of promises to our customers, that we will always carry out the strictest hygiene regimes including frequent handwashing and providing hand sanitiser. We also adhere to social distancing as well as enforce the use of PPE for our trainers, so that all our customers can feel safe.”

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