Growing our Irish roots with base in Southern Ireland

We have some very exciting news here at SBRT, as we have officially opened up a partnership in Southern Ireland that we hope will allow us to expand our company and explore new opportunities.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted a new addition to our website – Lead Trainer, Eddie Whitford. We’ve actually been working with Eddie for a very long time and he has been our go-to guy for lots of our previous training programmes in Ireland. Now, we’re thrilled to have Eddie on board as part of the SBRT team.

Not only is he a great guy, friendly and approachable, Eddie really knows his stuff when it comes to training. He has worked in the Mental Health and Intellectual Disability sectors of healthcare in Ireland and spent many years training in several systems of managing violence in the workplace. Having qualified as a PMVA instructor with SBRT in 2020, Eddie has come to the conclusion that, PMVA offers the most practical and legally defendable training in its field.

Our connection to Eddie is also the first step in our plan to set up more solid international connections. As you may have seen from one of our recent blogs, we love to travel – and thankfully our work takes us all over the globe. Eddie fits in well with this because his experience in the field stretches both in Ireland and abroad – so hopefully he will feel “right at home” with us!

Eddie said:

“I’ve been working with SBRT for a while so I’ve seen first-hand the results of their PMVA courses. My MO is all about simplicity – if you can train easy techniques, people are more likely to remember them and have more confidence to use them when needed. SBRT only train in simple techniques, and it means more confident staff and teams feel able to face any potential situations they come up against. Plus, what they teach is backed by government guidelines and best practices, which is so important. It was this and SBRT’s dedication to keeping people safe, as well as their open and honest attitude, which attracted me to join them full time.”

Jake Attard Managing Director at SBRT said:
“Eddie brings the positive attitude to training. He really wants people to be able to receive training that they will be able to do, and will keep them safe. Plus, our partnership with Eddie builds stronger foundations on our plans for a more solid base in Ireland, thanks to the number of clients we currently service there. We hope this will pave the way for further company expansion – and maybe even start a journey for a more international business.”

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