It’s January – Time to address all aspects of H&S in the workplace

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you’ve enjoyed the festive break and managed to find some time to relax. While it’s great to have some downtime, it’s also good to get back to work, a bit of structure and routine – but it’s also the perfect time to revisit, refresh and refocus.

It’s been another tricky 12 months as the battle against the pandemic continues and as cases continue to be at all-time high levels, why not think about some health and safety training – particularly if you’ve increased your staff intake recently.

The Health & Safety at Work act 1974 is the primary piece of legislation covering occupational health and safety – and employers are obliged to abide by this law to protect their employees. The problem is, with the ups-and-downs of the pandemic causing some traditional work practices to fall by the wayside, it is easy to see how keeping staff safe from workplace aggression is overlooked, where infection-control safety has been the main health and safety focus.

ALL aspects of health and safety training are a legal requirement and the New Year is the ideal opportunity to make a new start, and address staff training for the prevention and management of violence aggression in the workplace

With the pandemic in mind, and all the changes that have come about in the past two years, we are constantly wary of keeping everyone safe. We changed our training practices to become “Covid safe” in 2020, so you can rest assured we are doing all we can to play our part to stop the spread and transmission of Covid-19. Our experienced training staff continue with Covid secure protocols, and regular pre-course testing.

Even where we are training to handle citations of conflict and managing aggression, which sadly can occur too often with many of our clients in the healthcare sector, we always encourage contact with the other person to be a last resort. And, where we teach self-defence techniques and restraint techniques are necessary, we teach methods that are simple to execute that require minimum strength and contact.

Jake Attard, Managing Director at SBRT said: “Every organisation is taking the necessary steps to protect staff from a Covid perspective, in line with the latest Government Heath & Safety law – it’s now time to address the wider remit of H&S and cover workplace safety training.”

Jake continues “Our recent booking timetable as we have just a few slots left for January and February. Plus, as we look toward the spring, the Covid situation will be a lot clearer – so if you miss out on our January and February sessions, early spring is the perfect time to schedule.”

“Keeping staff safe from a training perspective may be getting overlooked but January is the best opportunity to refocus, so if you would like to book in for some training, it’s best to plan it in now.”

SBRT is very much looking forward to getting the year started, working with organisations like yours to bring all the latest training. If you would like more information about the training programmes available or would like to book, contact us today.

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