Health and Safety Courses in Scotland – Continuing

No sooner had we published our last blog on the importance of refresher training, we were inundated with requests to work with organisations and help their staff become clearer on health and safety guidance.

We were particularly pleased to see several organisations in Scotland coming forward – in fact four of our existing clients are already booked for courses in Scotland over the coming weeks.

We’re running 6 courses in total around Scotland in areas such as Edinburgh and Glasgow. Our focus will be on the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) – a course that covers conflict management, breakaway, control and restraint.

Despite this being one of the most important courses, understandably, it’s the one most people shy away from. Before attending our courses, people say things like “I am not a strong person and I’d have difficulty challenging someone who was twice my size if they were to become violent.” Thankfully, our courses focus on diffusion tactics, as well as simple self defence techniques which require little or no contact – so no super strength required!

Nobody likes to face violence or aggression, and it’s even worse when you’re faced with these situations as part of your job.┬áSadly, for a lot of the healthcare profession during Covid-19, dealing with incidents of violence and aggression were commonplace. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure their organisation and staff are trained in line with Health and Safety guidance. But it is not just the legal requirement – it is also about making staff feel safe and empowered to do their job even if they are faced with conflict.

Jake Attard Managing Director at SBRT said: “We’ve definitely seen an uptick in demand since the covid situation has become clearer and we’re happy to share our expertise and provide the necessary training to enable organisations and their teams to do the job they need to do.

“We’re always pleased to visit Scotland and we always feel most welcome, so it’s only natural we have an affinity to the people here. During our visit in the coming weeks, we’re seeing five healthcare providers, along with a client that works in the security sector, but we’re also seeing enquiries come through from those who provide staff to venues, live events and security. But our courses are flexible and can be extended for use in different industries so that they can comply with the legal requirements of the role and manage attendees safely, and within best practices.”

As the world continues to open up more and more post-Covid, incidents are likely to increase – so now’s your chance to look into training and refresher training. SBRT’s PMVA courses are suitable for both beginners and refreshers and we look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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