Helping Nurses and Carers Focus On Their Important Job

We all know how challenging this time of year can be for nurses and carers. With demanding shifts, a rise in patients and the risk of illness for themselves as well, winter can be exhausting. With a tough schedule already, nurses and carers need all the support they can get.

At SBRT Ltd we work with organisations to help ensure that nurses and carers have the training and support they need. From increasing their skillset to the management of stressful situations, our training team are there to support nurses and carers so they can continue to do an excellent job.

Helpful training for nurses and carers

All of our courses are designed to meet the needs of the organisations we work with. We run a range of training that can teach new skills, further knowledge and help to grow and enhance your team of nurses with learning and development.

Some of the training courses we offer include;

Managing medicines – Different drugs will have different administrations, With our management of medicines course, nurses and carers will have greater insight into the various administration types and why it is essential. With this course, nurses and carers will feel more confident and competent to manage medicines for patients.

Epilepsy awareness – In the UK, 83 people are diagnosed with epilepsy every single day.  Our epilepsy awareness course helps nurses and carers to understand more about the condition that affects over 600,000 people in the UK. With this, they will learn techniques and treatment as well as the procedure for emergency first aid in the event of a seizure.

Basic observations – Understanding basic observations can significantly help nurses and carers to expand their knowledge and progress in their career. This course allows learners to understand the relationship between observations and conditions as well as ensuring the reliability of measurement by increasing competence.

“At SBRT Ltd, our focus on nurse and carer training courses are designed to help organisations but also progress the careers of the learners. In all of our courses, we actively encourage student participation so that they can learn from each other and have the chance to question methods to find the best practice approach. We firmly believe our friendly, small-group tuition can lead to training that has long-lasting effects and is wholly valuable to our participants” John Davies, MD of SBRT Ltd.

Great feedback and high praise

We care about our courses and make it our aim to provide excellent training that makes a difference to carers and nurses. If you would like to learn more about the courses that we offer then get in touch with our team and we can talk you through the options.


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