Kasanga arrived at The Big Cat Sanctuary from Woburn Safari Park in 2017. He had begun life in the circus and had already sired cubs. He steals the hearts of all who meet him! His majestic posing and outstanding looks are complemented by a very warm and cheeky nature.

It’s unusual for him not to greet visitors to his enclosure by getting up to see what’s happening, or to check out if there just maybe a treat coming his way. On his hind legs, Kasanga stands at an incredible height – towering over our tallest guests, yet retaining his gentle manner when taking hand feeds. He’s also proved himself to be quite the cover boy as he’s as photogenic as he is handsome, one truly magnificent lion.

The lions at The Big Cat Sanctuary show many of the behaviours they would in the wild, our white lion pride can usually be seen relaxing together in a group, occasionally showing little demonstrations of affection and even spooning together, it’s completely adorable to see the bonds between these magnificent creatures. Typically, in the life of a lion between 16-20+hrs a day will be spent sleeping. Kasanga lives in an enclosure which adjoins our windowed conservatory and can passing the hours relaxing in different areas, usually in the shade of a tree. He often roars, more often early in the day and then at dusk time. Studies of lions roaring suggest that the purpose of the roar can be a territorial display, a spacing mechanism, a way of ensuring the group stays together or a combination of the three. Regardless of the purpose it is a very impressive sound that can travel as far as 5 miles.


Wild lions would often come across smells that are new and unfamiliar as they walk the perimeters of their territories.  In order to replicate this, we often add new scents to the enclosures ourselves. Household herbs and perfumes can be added weekly to stimulate the cats and give them something to interact with. We also add boxes and bags (providing they are natural materials) to give the cats something to play with and destroy.

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