MOVA And Your Organisation

For every business, you want to make sure your employees are happy and safe. All staff should be able to work without fear of aggression, harassment or violence. While we should not expect violence and assault at work, stories of unpleasant situations are becoming more commonplace. For the protection of staff and to help increase the safety of your workplace, management of violence and aggression (MOVA) training can help. So how can you help MOVA and your organisation?

Understanding MOVA and your organisation: is it worth the risk?

Most organisations will say violence in the workplace is rare. However, only one dangerous situation or incident needs to occur before you have a serious problem on your hands. As John Davies, the MD of SBRT Ltd says;

“Businesses have a legal duty of care for their employees and their customers. It only takes one incident to damage your business and cause stress for staff. MOVA training is one of the ways that businesses can demonstrate to their clients and staff that they care and put protection as a priority.”

Recognising the risk that a situation may occur, particularly in high-risk environments such as on hospital wards or in places of care, is the first step to dealing with a situation should it arise. Understanding the risk and putting the necessary measures in place can give your staff the peace of mind that they crave.

MOVA techniques for your business

Management of violence and aggression training can cover a range of aspects. Depending on the needs of your business and the risks your business face, your team can have the techniques that they need to handle a variety of situations.

At SBRT Ltd, we work with your organisation to equip your staff with the skills and confidence that they need to face situations that are difficult, dangerous and aggressive. Some of the techniques you may wish to consider for your team include;

Conflict management – in an argumentative situation, some staff can lose their confidence and authority. Conflict management offers the best practice approach to deal with conflict, assess the risk and manage the situation in accordance with the law.

Breakaway – When a situation turns physical, your staff need to know how to stay safe. Breakaway training shows your team how to safely remove themselves from a difficult situation while being within the confines of the law and reducing the risk of injury.

MOVA and a high-risk organisation

If you want to protect your staff in a high-risk setting, then a four-day comprehensive Management of Violence and Aggression course can ensure all staff feel confident and secure in their workplace. In turn, this can help to increase productivity and make a happier workplace. Find out more about our MOVA course and contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help to protect your staff.

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