Self Defence & Conflict Management – Training Your Trainers

Whilst we relish the chance to be the go to training partner for your organisation’s training needs, we offer training for your trainers, which empowers them to be the go to resource in your organisation for Self Defence, safe escape and and Conflict Management Training. 

We’ve very recently got on-board (excuse the pun!) a Scotland Based ferry services company for our custom train-the-trainer package. This means that they going forward, will be empowered to deliver the most appropriate aggression de-escalation techniques, and safe escape techniques. We are really pleased to have worked with this organisation that equips it’s staff with the safety techniques; that they hope they may never need.

Nick Attard, our lead trainer talked of the differences with running a normal conflict management course, and a train-the-trainer MOVA management of violence and aggression course:

“In a train the trainer course, we frame each set of techniques in a triangle between safe staff, safe customers and a safe environment. With due diligence to legislations and the specifics of that organisation, the trainers that we train will be able to follow our methods in confidence.”

On whether teaching material is provided, Nick continued:

“We give full support and the ready-to-go training package so that they can start delivering the very next week. This includes handouts that they can use, and memorable role play games that they can use from the off.”

John Davies managing director of SBRT Ltd said, “We work all over the UK, and Scotland is also included in the key areas that we work and of course we never charge extra for travel within the UK”

This is particularly apt for organisations that may have a spread out workforce.

A further benefit from attending a SBRT Ltd Course, is that attendees that work through the material with us, become Institute of Conflict Management Accredited. John Davies talks of the benefits:

“The ICM accreditation is more than a certificate, it keeps its members up-to-date in the latest relevant legislation, and encourages refresher training and the most up-to-date techniques, so it’s a real boon to its members. We are proud to offer it as a standard to our train the trainer course attendees.”

For further information on training for your trainers, lowering training costs, whilst maintaining high quality staff training techniques contact John Davies at:

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