The New Year And Renewed Confidence For Your Staff

Each year brings with it the promise of both new opportunities and new unforeseen events. At Basis we’ve doubled-down on delivering the highest quality training courses for all our clients, ensuring that your staff; frontline, healthcare and other sectors are confident in their handling of any aggressive or confrontational situations. They will come out of a our training courses with a sense of self confidence and trust in the support from their colleagues.

John Davies, Director at Basis, said:

We’ve spoken with our clients and asked them what do you want from a training provider? They typically come back telling us that it’s our core courses that they keep coming back for. They ask us to continue being that training partner that stays with them, that can train a generation of staff, that can move the organisation at its core to a more prepared, and more focused on service users and the staff that serve them, type of organisation.

Key courses

Here are our key courses, that organisations come back for time and time again:

We don’t charge for travel

Unlike other training providers we don’t charge for travel. We want to make our courses as transparent and consistent across the country. Meaning more of your team can attend if the course is ran locally and management can drop in for a chat with our trainers to fully understand the value that we are adding to your organisation.

Did you know that we can customise courses, to your organisation’s needs?

We understand that although there are similarities between organisations in the same sector, we also understand that their might be specific needs of the service users, and thus the staff working with them. Let us design a training programme that works for your organisation, and can help you transform staff confidence, right at the core.

2019 Opportunities

At Basis although we have a busy calendar for the next few months, we’ve allotted time to onboard new clients, and deliver PMVA training to you, whether you are a healthcare provider, or perhaps another organisation with staff that deal with a variety of service users or a variety of front line situations.

So, start 2019 book your organisation onto a PMVA training course this year. Call John on Nick on 01446 740 411 today.

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