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Five Reasons Why PBM Training Could Benefit Your Team

For those working in the care sector or those who work daily with service users, managing and understanding behaviours can be challenging. Furthermore, when you encounter challenging behaviour, it can be difficult to know how to respond best and act accordingly. Positive Behaviour Management, (or PBM), can be an ideal course for those in the care industry to help staff to have the skills, knowledge and tools available to help with challenging behaviour and encourage positive behaviour.

If destructive and problem behaviours cause a problem for the individual or the worker, then PBM training could be the perfect course to increase knowledge and gain a broader perspective. Furthermore, PBM training offers many benefits to staff as well. 

Five Benefits Of PBM Training

Reduces the need for restrictions and restraints

Reinforcement of positive behaviour can help team members to put in place the environmental and social changes that can not only combat challenging behaviour but also reduce these problems. In turn, this can help to reduce the number of situations where you need to implement restraining holds or controls and restrictions.

2. It is collaborative

Teams can work together with the knowledge they have gained through PBM training to best help those they care for. Workers can decide the best and most effective approaches for individuals in a team effort which not only supports the team as a whole but also supports the individuals in care too.

3. Fewer incidents

When PBM training is implemented across an entire organisation, it can help to reduce the number of aggressive incidents and potential physical harm that care and support staff have to deal with and manage safely. This can help to make care environments much safer.

4. It’s person-centred

Different PBM tools and techniques can be modified and adapted to suit each individual in question. The beauty of PBM is there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you have a range of strategies that you can tailor to suit individuals and situations.

5. Enjoyable working environment

A PBM training course can not only help those with problem behaviours, but its positivity can benefit the whole organisation, making a more enjoyable environment for work. It is a holistic strategy that can provide widespread positivity as well as help individuals in your care.

To find out more about how PBM training could benefit your team, get in touch with our team at info@sbrtltd.co.uk. 

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