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We are using this blog post to write some more words about our private personal safety training. And give some context to whom this might be applicable to.

For certain individuals, off-the-shelf aggression deescalation training is not enough. The situations that these individuals could encounter, no matter how rare, are very real threats, and need to be taken seriously. Some individuals may work in countries with less regulated or barely existent law enforcement. Other individuals that have taken this personal private training may carry quantities of cash, jewellery or other high value items. Further training participants are in special situations due to their celebrity, status or political standing.

John Davies talks of one celebrity that we took on for training: “In our initial discussions the client said ‘I have a bodyguard for that’. But we pointed, ‘well what would happen if the bodyguard is taken out?’. Anyone that is potentially in these situations needs training for themselves. The client came onboard and was soon skilled up, more prepared for any threat that they may face”.

The techniques that Basis teach originate from a little known close quarter hand to hand technique known as Shongigee gamen hi. Care is taken to tailor the course to the exacting needs of the individual. Let’s run through some more examples of the personal private safety training that we have and can carry out:


Working as the eyes and protection on the ground for high net worth, high status individuals is a role that its practitioners take seriously, progressing your close quarter skills is an investment in your skills worth taking. One recent bodyguard who took on our training said:

“Excellent training, learnt so much over 2 days and unbelievably simple techniques. Will definitely be using John’s company again”.

Company Directors

Running valuable companies, or companies that operate in sensitive areas brings with it a risk of possible aggression. We actively train in techniques that do not rely on strength and are easily picked up. One recent company director said:

“Having trained in Martial Arts for 4 years I found I learned more in 3 days than 4 years and was amazed how simple, yet effective the techniques were. John, it was excellent training”

Legal Representatives

When travelling and working in countries where the local police may not be sympathetic (or perhaps non existence) to you and your work, having a higher level of self-protection is a must. We also work with those working on sensitive cases that want to have that little bit more self reassurance. One Barrister that travel globally said of the course: “[it has] Given me so much more confidence”

Private Security Contractors

We’ve worked with ex-police and ex-military to adjust to retraining for the needs of specific situations, and the higher rish work that they carry out. With this in mind our private training is becoming a key professional development tool amongst private security contractors, one recently said: “It may be expensive, but worth every penny, this is the third time I have been on their course, really cannot recommend them enough”

To find out more about our personal private training, why not visit our page, then drop us a line.


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