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Restrictive Physical Intervention Training, Key Takeaways

A core component of ours, and significant part of our training, is with the Restrictive Physical Intervention Training that we offer. This is not the first course that your staff would typically take. They would usually take an aggression deescalation course such as our conflict and aggression management course.

The goal with our restrictive physical intervention training is always to halt challenging situations escalating, but your organisation recognises there will be occasions, in some situations, when your staff members have to respond swiftly to prevent harm to themselves or others. We know that your organisation’s staff would not take the decision lightly, but when they have to act, you want your staff and service users to be as safe as possible.

This Restrictive Physical Intervention course is typically delivered at a venue near your organisation, on our part we fully research your organisation and work with you to adapt our training material to best suit the situations that your staff may face. When confronted with challenging behaviour we want to equip your staff with best practice techniques, and a full understanding of the ethical, medical and legal issues around their use.

The training we offer, can help build your organisations approach, how to assess situational risk, during a challenging situation and post-event how to handle or document the situation.

“The ability to spot aggression trigger points and only use restrictive intervention when absolutely necessary is a powerful tool, but a necessary skillset for staff in certain challenging environments where situations may arise”, said John Davies, Director at SBRT Ltd.

Some key takeaways about our Restrictive Physical Intervention Training:

  • Basis can advise on policy, procedure from a service user, staff and environment perspective
  • Ensure staff have the appropriate techniques, and able if absolutely necessary, to use restrictive intervention
  • Scenario training, specific to your organisation available

If you are interested in this course, please look at our course page here.

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