PMVA course popularity speaks for itself as cases of violence continue to rise

Now government has announced roadmaps to recovery post-Covid, the long wait is now over and we can finally start to look forward to life returning to some sort of “normal”.

Kids are going back to school and people are retuning to work – but some industries never stopped and have faced the front line battle throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Healthcare is one of those sectors and we recently brought you the news that emergency workers in particular were facing increased risks of assault as cases going to court continued to rise. Months of being cut off from friends and family were finally taking their toll. As daily routines became constantly disrupted, together with Christmases cancelled across the country, emotions were running at an all time high.

Unfortunately, these emotions manifested themselves as abuse towards the very people trying to help us. Perhaps that is why our Prevention and Management of Violence And Aggression (PMVA) Course has proven to be the most successful of 2020 – and we are already seeing high demand for courses in 2021.

The PMVA course is broken down into three packages, aimed at different personnel. As well as offering comprehensive training to those who need it, there’s a refresh course aimed at those who have already undertaken training recently. We also offer a course that includes conflict management, which adds an additional element to the training for those who may be at more risk of facing conflict in their roles.

Many people take these courses. From nurses and care home workers who may need to take n the training as a mandatory requirement as part of their role, particularly if they work in a violent or aggressive setting, or they are frontline workers.

The course is also attended by managers who could also face levels of violence or aggression themselves, or they want to know more about how they can protect their staff from it.

For those who are interested in attending this particular training, it can be designed in order to best fit in with your need, delivering each section on a level that is best suited to your workers.

The PMVA course focuses on successful communication, giving you and your staff everything you need to diffuse and manage a potentially dangerous situation.

As part of the course, we will also show you how to control and restrain individuals – and we can still continue to do this effectively, even during a pandemic, thanks to our Covid secure methods.

John Davies, Director at SBRT Ltd said: “We are still hearing from clients that case of violence and aggression are still at high levels. Many staff continue to face conflict at work, due to frustrated families, or patients, whose emotions are already being tested by ongoing lockdowns and worry surrounding the pandemic.

“We’ve also heard some great success stories from managers who have said staff now feel much more confident in facing these situations and no longer feel as anxious or nervous – something that was also leading to high levels of staff sickness.”

Basis is now taking bookings for 2021 but spaces are limited. Contact us to book your place today.

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