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Training To Guide Your Staff Through Stormy Times

Autumn is well and truly here with frosty nights and stormy gales whipping the last remaining leaves off the trees. The Autumn weather is certainly unpredictable as we don’t know what’s next from snow to sunshine to storms. This unpredictability is much the same for many work environments.

For many frontline staff, they don’t know what will happen from one day to the next. Furthermore, they don’t know if their next customer or patient will be a whirlwind storm or be bright, breezy and sunny. The unpredictable stormy nature of human emotions means that staff need to be equipped for every scenario. At SBRT Ltd, we offer the ideal training for frontline workers to manage any unpredictable and challenging time.

How To Prepare Frontline Staff For Stormy Work Environments

Frontline staff need to be prepared for every member of the public they meet. Sadly, behaviours can be unpredictable especially in stressful scenarios or when alcohol is involved. You can help to prepare your staff for every situation. Our training gives frontline workers the confidence to manage uncomfortable and even threatening situations safely. Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression training equip frontline staff with the skills they need to diffuse situations and carefully control aggressive behaviour in safe and law compliant manner.

Which Frontline Workers Could Benefits From PMVA Training?

Any staff that have to deal with potentially volatile situations and unpredictable behaviour from members from the public could benefit from PMVA training. Some of the frontline workers who could benefit from this type of training includes;

  • Security
  • Crowd management
  • Front of house restaurant staff
  • Bar workers
  • Nightclub workers
  • Retail assistants
  • Tourist attraction staff
  • Hotel workers
  • Airport staff
  • Public transport workers.

Furthermore, frontline worker training requirements may change during different periods and seasons. For example, December is a busy time for hospitality workers. As well as being a stressful period for many individuals, there is also increased alcohol consumption around this time of year. This can lead to unpredictable behaviour which may often be good-natured but can quickly turn violent. Similarly, transport workers may face difficulties in peak demand such as during summer when more people are travelling.

“Whilst a large part of our work is with healthcare workers when we deliver PMVA training, it proves to be an invaluable course for all types of frontline workers, regardless of their industry. It is important all workers feel safe in their workplace and confident to do their jobs. This type of training helps to provide peace of mind that they know what to do in any situation they face.” – John Davies, Director of SBRT Ltd

Find out how our training can help your staff to weather any storm they face, call our team on 01446 740 411 for a chat about your training needs.

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