PMVA Refresher Training, Why Scheduling is Important

We’ve recently been working with the Pulse Nursing Agency helping them put in place refresher training for PMVA, The Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression, for nurses that work with them on “bank”.

John Davies Manager at SBRT Ltd talks of the importance of refresher training:

“Getting periodic refresher training for PMVA is like having a booster shot. You may well have had that initial training, and may have found it useful, but over time, you may forget some of the key elements, and techniques change. A PMVA refresher course gives you that insight, focus and practice to ensure you are best prepared for handling aggression in the workplace on a long term basis.”

John discusses why working with organisations that are forward thinking, when it comes to staff welfare, are a pleasure to work with:

“Our work for Pulse Nursing, shows a commitment on Pulse’s side to have best employee care. Basis enjoys working with clients that grasp this idea. Together we can give them them the tools, and evolve a training programme that fits the staff needs. There may be specific situations that rise again and again – having appropriate and proportionate deescalation tools are central to the long term employee health and minimisation of violence and aggression in the workplace.”

If you are interested in starting a PMVA course for your organisation, drop us a line today.

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