Can Front Line Staff Ever Experience “Business As Usual”

With September now in full flow, you may still have some lingering pangs for sun and sangria. Often though there is a pleasure in getting back into a routine or experiencing business as usual. With the staff that we train though; can work ever be work as usual, when you are in a front-line situation and who knows what situation may be coming through that door?

Over the Summer we’ve seen a worrying reported increase in attacks on ambulance staff. The moral outrage that follow these kinds of reports although exaggerated is often an index of an issue that society needs to address; why should front line staff be attacked when they are just trying to do their job?

SBRT Ltd was built to train NHS staff, service industry staff,  care staff, and provide best-in-class training for front line staff in all sectors.  John Davies talks through the services:

“Training for the prevention and management of violence and aggression; PMVA courses, are a key part of what we provide. These courses, have developed over the years with feedback from workers in healthcare, retail,  government, service and entertainment industries. Each client and their staff have specific needs and we always try and tailor where possible. This tailoring has created a modular approach to how we deliver courses, delivery training components that are a perfect match for our clients staff”

Our most popular training packages for PMVA courses is the combined 3 day Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) and Management of Violence & Aggression (MOVA) Training course,. It has been designed and developed to meet the needs and expectations of customers whose employees regularly deal with violence or aggression during the course of their work and, who need to employ all the skills from conflict management to breakaway and/or physical restraint. The course is delivered over 3 days and is useful for restraint training for care workers and builds on a frame work of knowledge underpinned by current Law, Regulations and Guidance.

For more information on this course, please contact us.

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