PMVA Training At Our Core

Why PMVA Is Important?

It’s important to maintain staff confidence. It’s also important to protect your clients or customers from harm. In the healthcare industry customer-centred care has been a mantra for a while. Alongside this, the role of Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression has become an important consideration of workforce workplace training.

Every employee deserves to feel safe and comfortable at work. This is not just an ideal, but personal safety at work is the law. Personal safety covers a range of issues from tripping over a hazard to a malfunctioning piece of equipment and even encountering a threatening client or member of the public. In most cases, managing personal safety is common sense. However, every workplace will have personalised higher risks to consider, and employers have a legal duty to minimise these risks as much as possible.


Breakaway Courses

This month we’ve been busy training the staff of an England based housing association. They work with adults of various vulnerabilities and disabilities, supporting their living needs.

At SBRT Ltd, we help employers, like the housing association that we’ve been training this month, and their employees to protect themselves with Breakaway Self Defence. Our course provides staff with easy to use techniques and guidance that can empower them with the ability to escape from potentially dangerous and challenging situations.

The Breakaway course is not based around physical strength. This means that it is the ideal course for a range of employees. The course instead, teaches a range of careful holds and grabs that offer a defensive body position that can help to protect the individual and their colleagues from the threat of further attack.

“The popularity of our Breakaway Self Defence is proof that industries both want to protect their clients or customers and empower their staff with best practice, industry specific techniques. We’ve applied the course to a range of sectors and organisations, adapting content to the work environments and the variance of the threat of abuse and violence. The course includes plenty of active participation; this way attendees have the chance to learn and practice the different techniques and possible holds. With this, we hope that the right position comes to mind if a candidate faces a threat in their workplace after the training.”

John Davies, Director of SBRT Ltd.

You can read more about our our one-day Breakaway course.


NFPS Relationship Continues

We’ve found the support and benefits that come with our accreditation agency NFPS (the National Federations For Personal Safety) have enabled us to confidently enter new client bases. Not only do we have the years of experience of delivering workplace personal safety training, we have an organisation that evolves and works with best practice guidelines and keeps abreast of regulatory changes informing our range of services working with us as we grow.

John Davies, SBRT Ltd Director, said:

“As a growing organisation ourselves, it is great to be a part of an organisation like NFPS. They have been extremely proactive and supportive of us and all its members, from things like legal and compliance support to updates on current guidelines.”


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