PMVA Training Course In a Nutshell

Our Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression training course is primarily designed for employees who are at risk or face violence and aggression during their normal working life. If you want to prepare your workers better for the situations they may encounter and ensure they comply with the current laws, regulation and guidance, then this course is for you.

Length of course: three days, if you work in a high-risk environment we offer a four-day course.

Suitable for: care staff, health workers, nurses, mental health professionals.

What are the course requirements?

In order the undertake the course and get the most out of the experience, learners must have a reasonable level of fitness and be of sound general health – a fitness questionnaire will need to be completed.

Candidates must also be happy to participate in discussions and group or team activities.

What will I learn?

Each day, the course will cover different aspects of preventing and controlling violence and aggression. You will be taught a range of skills from conflict resolution to physical restraint. Our PMVA training course will cover all the techniques you need so you can feel confident if a violent or aggressive situation arises and be able to manage it accordingly. All of the methods you’ll learn will be best practice in accordance with the current law, advice and regulations provided.

The course is extensive, covering many different issues and situations that you may encounter such as;

  • Lone working
  • Communication, calming and diffusing
  • How to escape from grabs, strangulations and punches
  • Shepherding, teamwork and contact
  • Restrictive control techniques.

Guidance with the law

Our PMVA course is designed to equip with you all of the knowledge you need so you can handle situations confidently. We aim to ensure you are safe and compliant with the law. Each day we will discuss the necessary regulations you need to comply with to ensure safety and professional, legal conduct.

Throughout the course, you will have a better understanding of compliance, from Reasonable Force in perspective of Common Law, Criminal Law and Human Rights Act. You’ll also be taught the necessary Health and Safety at Work legislation as well as The Children’s Act and Depravation of Liberty. We also ensure you are fully briefed on the corporate manslaughter act and how it can affect you.

How do I pass the course?

We want to make sure our course has comprehensively covered every situation in the workplace so that you feel comfortable and well-equipped to deal with violent and aggressive situations. We will look for you to demonstrate knowledge of the laws regarding physical restraint as well as how to complete incident reports and debriefing activities. We will also want to see that you can evaluate the risks and know when and what methods of physical restraint to you as well as applying them in a safe and controlled manner.

To find out more information, you can download our sample course itinerary from the PMVA Training Course Page

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