PMVA Training for Healthcare Provider In Saudi Arabia

SBRT Ltd is constantly growing the partners that we work for and locations that we work in. We are proud to announce that we have signed a deal to provide PMVA training for a brand new rehabilitation centre in Saudi Arabia.

Prevention Management of Violence and Aggression training is an essential requirement for all staff in any mental health workplace environment. SBRT Ltd delivers best-of-class training techniques that are optimised for a client’s specific workplace environment and sensibilities.

Nick Attard, Lead Trainer at SBRT Ltd said, “We are looking forward to making a new business connection, developing a training pathway for this new healthcare organisation and setting the gold standard for how they handle aggression in the workplace compassionately and safely to those involved”. Nick continued, “I’m excited to see a whole new world-of-culture, and adapting our methods to those subtle differences.”

Managing Director, John Davies talked about the overseas operations, “Throughout the lifespan of SBRT Ltd we’ve worked in this country and abroad. We see international training as part of how we operate and how we raise the bar in healthcare teams worldwide”. John continued, “With this particular contract we will be out there for 2-3 weeks, providing training on the ground level to staff that may have aggression and difficult situations to handle with vulnerable people. This particular organisations training will continue as the organisation increases the number of staff it employs. We also will periodically engage with refresher courses to ensure best practice.”

Alongside the training, Nick Attard and his team will enjoy catching a glimpse of the sights that Saudi Arabia offers, “As well as meeting the people that we are working with, we are also looking forward to seeing what the Red Sea offers, particularly Jeddah, the Corniche and the Kings Fountain.”

SBRT Ltd continues to roll out training courses to organisations that cherish best practice in PMVA for staff and the people they serve.

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