PMVA Training In Saudi Arabia

After a successful and enjoyable training trip to Qatar in December 2019, 2020 offers many more training travel opportunities for the SBRT Ltd team. In fact, the next trip for are trainers is to the largest country in the Middle East and the 13th largest country in the world. That’s right; we’re off to Saudi Arabia.

At SBRT Ltd, we are well-versed in delivering exceptional training to healthcare institutes throughout the world. With Saudi Arabia having 127 private hospitals and 415 governmental hospitals, we hope we can provide training to some of the hardworking staff at these facilities, so they can feel confident and safe while undergoing their vital work in caring or patients.

“By offering PMVA training in Saudi Arabia, we are continuing our work in healthcare institutions worldwide. Our tried and tested method means that we can bring the same effective approach that both empowers and protects frontline doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, wherever they are in the world” – John Davies, Director Of SBRT Ltd

How does PMVA training help frontline healthcare workers?

Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) is a course that is ideal for all healthcare staff. The unpredictability of patients and the stress and anxiety that loved ones feel can create tense situations, and some can resort in violence and aggression. However, with PMVA training, frontline workers can learn to;

  • Diffuse a situation through communication techniques
  • Safely breakaway from an aggressive situation
  • Understand the laws of self-defence
  • Create a teamwork strategy to ensure the safety of all workers such as shepherding
  • How to correctly report incidents and why it is important
  • Use restraint holds where necessary
  • Safely use non-pain compliant methods of control.

There are many benefits of PMVA training;

  1. Improve Safety

With approved techniques for conflict management, your frontline workers can feel safer and be able to remove themselves from harm’s way if necessary.

  1. Enhanced Confidence

Frontline workers will feel the support of their training behind them, so they feel ready to face any situation that they may come across

  1. Reduce injuries

For both the worker and assaulter, there are lots of non-pain compliant methods of control and restraint which can help to reduce the number of injuries that people may face.

  1. Better teamwork

From incident reporting to managing a violent individual, staff can see an improvement in collaboration through training such as this where working together is prioritised.

To find out more about SBRT Ltd and our PMVA courses, please get in touch. Our trainers travel across the UK and around the world to deliver our exceptional conflict management training.

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