Why Prevention of Violence Techniques Are Needed In (nearly) Every Service Sector

At SBRT Ltd, our most popular and successful courses are the ones that deal with the prevention and management of violence and aggression (PMVA and MOVA). Our courses were first intended and designed for those in high-risk environments such as for care staff and nurses. However, in every service sector, staff are at risk from aggressive and unpredictable customers. With this in mind, every business in every industry should be looking at PMVA and MOVA as a way of safeguarding their staff and other customers.

Protect staff and customers

Sadly, more and more employees across the industries are confronted by unpredictable customers and unpleasant situations. People can be aggressive, angry, unstable and much worse. Without the right training, staff can feel vulnerable, and other customers may feel unsafe and anxious. Unless a staff member is confident in the best approach to take, they may make the situation worse and can suffer stress and injury as a result.

PMVA for all industries

At SBRT Ltd, we’re glad that other service sectors are looking at the excellent work of healthcare professionals and seeing how they can apply the same techniques in their own industries. We’re thrilled to have been selected as the training provider for a huge international clothing brand. We are currently running our effective and engaging Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression course for their frontline staff across the major European flagship stores.

Working with this major international retail brand has been an honour. We’re thrilled that other industries can see the need to protect their staff and customers from those who can aggressive, scary and angry. By teaching the correct PMVA approach, we can help to keep more people safe and confident in a range of situations. Protection and welfare of customers and staff are essential, and with our training, we can help more to stay safe in their workplace.”

John Davies, Managing Director of SBRT Ltd

Do your staff need PMVA training?

At SBRT Ltd we are helping a range of industries with PMVA training. From the retail frontline staff to airport security, we firmly believe every service sector could benefit from PMVA training. Keeping employees and customers safe is paramount for every business, and with the right training, your team will feel equipped to manage situations when confronted. Our training can help staff to;

  • Communicate effectively to diffuse a heated argument
  • Have the tools and techniques available to handle a potentially dangerous situation
  • Use non-aggressive conflict management
  • Apply necessary restraint
  • Learn safe breakaway techniques.

For the protection and welfare of your staff, get in touch with SBRT Ltd today to find out how our Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression courses can help. We make sure our courses fit with your needs, service industry and applies the best approaches to suit your workers and the situations they face.

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