Care Worker Assaults Increasing

Attacks On Health Staff Every 23 Minutes – Time To Protect Your Team With Training

In the last year, workers in the NHS were attacked 23,279 times. The workers attacked included doctors and nurses as well as porters and cleaners. This works out at an attack every 23 minutes for NHS workers who are trying to deliver the best care possible to patients. Furthermore, this number of attacks may well be higher as many assaults go unreported. 

Of course, attacks on health workers doesn’t just happen in the NHS but throughout many different health services. So, what can be done to protect health workers from increasing attacks?

How To Protect Health Workers From Increasing Attacks

1. Legislation

In September, a bill to protect health care staff was given Royal Assent. The Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Bill is being introduced to help increase the punishments to those who carry out attacks. With this legislation, it becomes a specific offence to assault NHS funded care and emergency workers. The sentence will double from six months in prison to twelve months. What’s more, the legislation gives judges the power to hand out tougher sentences as they see fit.

While the punishment has increased which may help to serve as a deterrent, it still doesn’t protect workers at the time of the attack.

2. Private Security

Many NHS Trusts employ security guards to protect their workers. Each trust spends a yearly average of £441,000 on private security guards while some trusts have in-house security as standard. Of course, private security can help to protect staff and patients in the hospital, but it isn’t possible for security guards to be present for each patient and every single time that workers need to deliver care and treatment to patients.

3. Training

As assaults against health workers continue to rise, it has never been so important to give each member of staff the confidence and the skills they need to protect themselves in the face of an attack. At SBRT Ltd, we offer a range of different training, all designed to give care staff the knowledge, practices and confidence they need for self-defence and to reduce the severity of an attack.

Our Breakaway Self Defence training is ideal for helping care workers to diffuse situations and allow workers to take back control without relying on their physical strength. The course covers a range of safe and legal holds to reduce the attack, including wrist, body, hair and clothing grabs.

Alternatively, our conflict management course can provide care workers with full and detailed knowledge of their rights and the legislation in place so they can follow the right course of action.

Protect Your Workers From The Rise In Attacks

If you want to protect your staff with training, then get in touch with our team to organise tailored training to suit your workers.


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