The Best Team To Support This World Cup – Protect Your Workforce With PMVA Training

With the World Cup well underway, our attentions turn to our home teams, our allegiances, the teams in the sweepstake and favourite players to support. However, wouldn’t it be nice to give your team at work the same level of support? Instead to the cheers and roars of encouragement, many staff receive the abuse well worthy of a red card. So how can you support your team and give staff abuse the boot?

Workers in all industries and professions can suffer at the hand of unpredictable clients, customers and patients. However, it is typically care staff that are most vulnerable. Whether you have to deal with a drunk football fan with rage or someone that is confused and scared, people are unpredictable, and you may not know what response you are going to get.

How PMVA training can help

The Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression is designed to give your team the support they need. For staff who may have to handle situations of conflict, the PMVA training will give your team the tools and techniques they need to protect themselves from harm and control a situation.

Unfortunately, in life, we can’t show people a red card or have a referee to back us up. However, PMVA training offers staff the communication skills to manage the situation of conflict without using aggression. Your team can have back up by using breakaway, control and restraints in order to carry out their work safely. If a dangerous situation is possible, PMVA training equips your team with everything they need to hand it with confidence.

PMVA training doesn’t just offer your team support, it is part of your duty of care too, as John Davies, MD of SBRT Ltd explains;

“Because of the increased regulatory requirements, and the direction the care industry is going, PMVA training is essential to cover your legal obligations and duty of care to the workforce. When PMVA is used correctly, it can help to prevent litigation from both service users’ families and your care staff. Furthermore, it prevents harm to your staff, while instilling confidence and giving your team the support of the whole organisation.”

When it comes to high-risk environments, you can’t afford not to protect your team with the necessary training. SBRT Ltd can help your team with the support you need. Not content with cheering from the sidelines, our trainers will deliver a hands-on three-day course covering all of the essentials of preventing and managing violence and aggression in accordance with the law, regulations and guidance.

Find out more and book your course today by calling 01446 740411.

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