Protecting A&E Staff With Ongoing PMVA Training

There is no denying that NHS staff such as A&E staff are under a tremendous amount of pressure. The number of attendances in A&E continues to rise. An average day in major A&Es across the country has around 2210 patients.

With a vast increase of patients, a smaller budget and a shortage of staff, A&E workers have a lot to contend with. This adds to the fact that they also face violence, abuse and harassment from patients and their relatives. At SBRT Ltd, we want to help A&E workers to protect themselves from violence and aggression, so they are able to work without fear.

PMVA Training For NHS Staff

Studies show that physical violence against NHS staff is at a record high. 15.2% of NHS staff have experienced violence from patients, their relatives or the general public. Furthermore, those NHS staff more likely to be affected by violence are nurses and doctors in A&E, ambulance workers and mental health personnel.

As NHS staff spend their lives caring for others, it is vital to do the same and ensure that the threat of violence is reduced. If abuse or the threat of violence does occur, then it is essential that NHS staff have the confidence and skills that need to be able to diffuse situations and ensure they remain safe through the deployment of breakaway and self-defence.

At SBRT Ltd, we are helping A&E staff to feel safer in the workplace. With one London hospital, we have an ongoing training contract to ensure as many staff as possible receive the PMVA training they need. Our team are training 32 staff a month. By the end of the year, 380 staff at one hospital will have sufficient training to give them confidence and peace of mind they need to do their job safely.

“Long-term contracts in healthcare help our team to deliver a consistent message across the workforce. Furthermore, it really helps our team to understand the unique struggles of the business or the hospital which helps us to develop a bespoke, consistent training plan. At the end of the year, it will be exciting to see how confidence in the A&E department and 380 staff grows as a result of this training” – John Davies, SBRT Ltd

If you’re looking for long-term training for your team members, so that they can do their work with confidence, we’d love to meet for a chat and discuss your requirements. Get in touch today by calling 01446 740 411.

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