Protecting The Staff That Save The Environment

In almost every work situation, team members can find themselves in difficult or unpleasant scenarios. At SBRT Ltd, it is our mission to protect all staff and customers. By prioritising safety for everyone, we can help to create a pleasant work environment and a happier workforce. In fact, we have been providing training to an extensive range of service from recycling collectors to airport security staff.

Go green, safely

With a focus on the environment, recycling has been a significant way to help lessen the impact of waste in the UK. Local authorities have been championing ‘going green’ by adopting regular recycling collections to go alongside regular refuse collections. By offering recycling handling, many local authorities have managed to reduce the amount of landfill waste, cutting down refuse collections from weekly to fortnightly.

While this approach has helped people to go green, there have been cases where people have not understood the limits of the service and have not been following the recycling rules put forward by the local authority. Sadly, when recycling collection teams spot issues with peoples’ recycling or refuse to take specific items, bad tempers can flare, making it difficult for collectors to do their job.
At SBRT Ltd, we recently delivered training for an Environmental Department for a local authority council in England.

Understanding the difficulties recycling handlers can face with the public, our conflict management and breakaway training were ideal to help staff handle potentially angry and violent situations.

As MD of SBRT Ltd, John Davies says;

“With the confidence that training can bring as well as the necessary tools and knowledge to help in certain cases, we hope the recycling handlers can focus and enjoy their job without unjust aggravation.’

Keeping air travel safe

As well as helping recycling handlers, we have also recently trained airport security staff in the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression. Most of us will have seen or experienced a stressful or unsettling travelling situation with a difficult or emotional passenger such as someone who is violent or drunk. With conflict management and breakaway training, security staff can help to make air travel a family-friendly experience. As well as this, training can help to keep airports safe, and security staff can feel confident in their actions for managing stressful situations.
If your staff are vulnerable to difficult customers or face aggression from the public, then conflict management training may be a must-have for your organisation.

At SBRT Ltd, we offer a wealth of courses, such as the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression that can help to keep team members and the public safe and workers confident to handle all situations they may face.

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