Don’t be spooked this Halloween! Provide training for lone care workers

Halloween is a time that many people enjoy spooky fun. However, for frontline care workers and lone care workers, Halloween is not the only time of year when they may be in for a scare. Sadly, violence against care workers in continuing to increase throughout the globe. So, don’t get spooked this Halloween, give your team the training they need, so they can be ready for any scary situation.

Protecting care workers from scary situations

Recently, health unions across the UK called for care workers to receive more Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression training while also citing that the lack of prosecutions and the number of workforce shortages are putting staff in danger.

A recent NHS survey found that 14.5% of NHS staff experienced physical violence in 2018 alone. However, Unison believes that many violent incidents go unreported due to overworked and stretched staff.

Shockingly, there are 200 reported violent attacks on NHS every single day.

The UK is not alone in this either. In Australia, healthcare staff made more than 25,000 calls for help in a two year period when a patient or visitor became violent or aggressive. In Australia, this call for help is known as a Code Black and is a preventative measure to diffuse and de-escalate potentially dangerous situations in the care industry.

Violence against carers is not just limited to public health organisations either. In the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 16,890 incidents of non-fatal workplace violence and 70% of these incidents were with individuals who work in the healthcare and social assistance industry.

More certainly needs to be done to help lone workers and care workers, as well as measures to prevent violence from occurring in the first place. However, there is an immediate step you can put in place to help protect your staff. By providing your team with Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) training, you can make sure your staff have the tools, knowledge and confidence they need should a potential incident arise.

PMVA training for your lone care workers

Don’t leave your lone care workers to fend for themselves. With supportive and effective PMVA training, they will travel to each patient knowing that they have a toolkit of personal safety techniques at their disposal.

From communication techniques to non-aggressive conflict management methods and hands-on approaches when necessary, your lone workers will have everything they need to manage and diffuse potentially dangerous and scary situations.

Don’t wait until someone gets hurts, protect your lone workers today.

You can find out more about our PMVA training here including our refresher courses. Alternatively, call the SBRT Ltd team on 01446 740 411 to discuss your bespoke training requirements.


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