Reasons why healthcare managers need to consider staff defence training

There’s no doubt the pandemic has changed a number of things, but none more so than for the healthcare sector. Raising tensions and uncertainty, as well as distance between patients and family members have put healthcare professionals under more pressure than ever before. Add to that the rising levels of violence reported towards front line staff – and it’s time managers really gave some serious thought to some kind of defence training for their teams.

Before the pandemic, we often found our defence courses were about team building, just as much as the training itself. Understandably, the dynamic of our courses has changed as our clients meet the new demands of working in a pandemic, but we wanted to remind the healthcare division that team building, right now, as well as building moral could provide a much-welcome break from the norm. Our clients have also reported increased levels of confidence following the training sessions which has helped give a boost to the teams.

There’s nothing quite like a confidence boost with the feeling that you and your staff feel fully equipped to deal with a situation, and that you are able to look after and protect yourself and others from a violent situation.

We’ve all heard of healthcare staff being charged at, spat on and verbally abused. Would your team confidentially know how to handle these kind of situations and successfully diffuse them?

Our PMVA courses will help you to prepare you for all sorts of different situations that could arise, potentially resulting in physical harm. But, as well as sharpening defence skills, you could find it sharpens the mind too. You’ll become more aware of your surroundings and what’s going on around you – wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Training can help you with decision-making, especially in fraught or dangerous situations, so you’re likely to find that you feel a lot more capable in the office, as well as out of it.

John Davies, Director at SBRT Ltd, said: “As the pandemic tightens its grip and our healthcare sector, workers are facing more pressure than ever before. Training is probably far from busy managers’ minds, but actually, there could be some major additional benefits.

“Not only will your staff feel more empowered to safely protect themselves and others, it’s a great way to bond teams and lift spirits.

“We are continuing to operate training within fully covid-secure methods, so its as safe as possible for everyone involved.”

Spring bookings are now available for PMVA courses. Contact us for more information.

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