Basis Restarts Training with “Covid-Secure” Methods

SBRT Ltd would like to inform you that as of July we are open for business due to the Government Lockdown Restrictions have been eased. For this reason, we have put together our training strategy for this. Please be aware that the strategy may be subject to change along with Government Guidelines and will be reviewed regularly to take into account.

As restrictions have been eased to enable us to start training again, we will be doing so by implementing the below.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). SBRT Ltd Instructors will always wear PPE throughout the training, and this will be face masks, face shields and disposable gloves as a minimum. These will be provided by SBRT Ltd for the trainers and will be changed and disposed of on a regular basis during a training session. SBRT Ltd require all participants to wear face masks and gloves whilst undertaking a training course which will need to be provided by either the individual or the Company booking the training. 
  2. Regular hand washing. All Instructors and course participants will need to take regular breaks to wash hands and change PPE. This will be done by allowing small numbers of people to leave the classroom at a time to ensure safe social distancing in public areas and toilets.
  3. Covid-19 Testing. Where possible SBRT Ltd ask that course participants will have been tested and are Covid-19 free when attending a training course. Anyone displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 coming on a course will be sent home and the booking Company notified.
  4. Social distancing. To enable SBRT Ltd to try to keep participants at a safe social distance through the course we will be taking reduced numbers on the training course of a maximum of 12, training venue space permitting.  All participants will be asked to maintain a social distance during the course and on breaks and will keep the same partner throughout the training. Obviously as our Breakaway and Restraint Training is physical and requires participants to practice and work closely together social distancing cannot always be maintained, but we hope the measures will assist in keeping people safe during the course.
  5. Signing in. Participants will have their temperature taken and if significantly above 98.6 C will be refused entry and asked to report back to their workplace by phone to inform them and to give details for track and trace and we be asking participants to enter the training room at staggered times to avoid close contact during signing in. A SBRT Ltd Instructor will sign each participant in, but participants will still have to complete the medical questionnaires. One way around completing the questionnaires on the day would be for SBRT Ltd to email a blank questionnaire to the booking Company to email /distribute to participants to complete prior to the course and bring with them.

These are not exhaustive measures and will be subject to change along with Government Guidelines and advice. SBRT Ltd will also work with the booking Company to ensure that participants remain safe during training sessions and are happy to discuss and implement any other measures that the booking Company may want to put in place.

We would welcome the opportunity to deliver training for you once the restrictions have eased to enable us to do so and look forward to working with all our customers again as soon as it is practicable to do so.

Many thanks and stay Safe from all the team at SBRT Ltd

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