Restraint Training For Emergency Services

Those staff that work front-line are from time to time put in situations where, before they can do their job and save lives, they have to deescalate potentially violent and aggressive situations. 

SBRT Ltd has been at the forefront of training context specific deescalation techniques, and where necessary restraint training. John Davies, Managing Director of SBRT Ltd says:

“More often that they would like ambulance staff are walking into violent and heated situations. It’s imperative that they have up-to-date techniques to protect themselves, and those around them, until assistance can arrive. It can of course be the patient themselves that is violent, and sometimes confused” John continues, “knowing how to deescalate and restrain safely, it now a critical ‘tool’ in the paramedics toolbox”.

Basis this month has been  working with a Private Ambulance Service in Plymouth and Exeter. This for us is a great client, one that values their staff and puts a high importance on ensuring they the training they have is first class. Nick Attard, head of training at SBRT Ltd says:

“This training assignment was one where prior to the training engagement, we first listened to the clients needs, and from our experience with similar ambulance services, we designed the appropriate restraint training package for this organisations personnel.” Nick continues, “The actual course itself was enthusiastically received by the participants and there was some great interactivity and drawing from experience, where new techniques that they’ve learned could be applied to similar situations should they re-occur.

For more information on our restraint training courses, perhaps to discuss your organisations particular context and issues, call John Davies on 01446 740 411

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