Self defence is not all about strength

It seems like everywhere we go, we cannot avoid the sad, tragic and very shocking story of Sarah Everard. But, if one positive can come from the constant swarm of stories investigating her killer, it is the fact that it has made people warier – and indeed, raised awareness of the importance of keeping ourselves safe from harm.

As a business involved with self-defence and indeed teaching people how they can use safe restraint when they feel they need to, has empowered many people. We’ve heard stories of doctors, nurses, carers, shop staff even taxi drivers, who have been given a renewed sense of confidence thanks to learning some of the basics.

But, we have also seen the other side of our training, where people have been affected by violence or force, such as during our time delivering training for Victim Support – a charity dedicated to supporting victims of crime and traumatic incidents.

As such, we actually have developed a course for individuals that is designed specifically for those who are either concerned for their safety, or have faced violent or threatening situations.

In the past, women in particular have told us they feel as though their strength is no match for men and it is often that factor alone that leaves them feeling vulnerable as it wouldn’t be a fair fight. But our courses focus on technique as opposed to physical strength. We also look at alternatives, such as diffusing a potentially threatening situation before it escalates into violence, but where restraint is necessary, some very simple techniques can be used regardless of strength.

For example, they might focus on restricting someone’s movement, or how you can pin someone down safely without harming them or you. Plus, we can tailor courses to suit you, your individual needs or that of your organisation.

Jake Attard Managing Director at SBRT said:

“In a world where we need to be wary of our surroundings, it has never been more important to familiarise ourselves with some basic self defence. A lot of companies will be worried about frontline staff, like care workers in the field, frontline retail, nursing and others – so being aware of some basic self defence could really pay off. The sad news of Sarah Everard recently also shows how important it is to put our safety first.”

As well as tailoring courses to make them suitable for any organisation, SBRT’s highly qualified instructors come to you and carry out courses in a safe manner.

John Davies Specialist Consultant at SBRT said:

“All our trainers express that anything taught during the course when it comes to physical restraint must be used as a last resort – but we have also seen many people flourish with confidence having learned their newly-gained skills. Even during a pandemic, and training people to use restraint can involve getting up close and personal, all training is delivered in a covid-safe manner.”

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